How to know your boyfriend or girlfriend better

There are important questions you need to ask before dating someone, you don’t just want to know him/her, you want to be able to predict what your boyfriend or girlfriend is capable of doing.

On your first date, your talking stage should not only be about beautiful things in the world, or your interest, goals, and aspirations.

You need to ask someone you want to date deep questions that will make you know him/her better, especially about his love life, sex, and fantasies.

Make yourself comfortable with your friend and ask these questions before saying ‘I do, starting a love relationship, or agreeing to marry him/her.

How to know your boyfriend or girlfriend better

Good and Deep Questions to ask before dating

  • What would the perfect date look like for you?
  • Which do you crave for more – your lover’s intelligence or appearance?
  • What characters or appearances can be a total turn-off for you?
  • What was the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
  • Do you think it’s important to have an emotional connection before it becomes real and physical?
  • What is “good” sex for you?
  • Would you rather rarely have “really good” sex or often sex that is “ok”?
  • Would you rather have good sex or nice meal food most times?
  • On a scale from 1 to 10: How well do you think you are in bed
  • Which parts of the body do you find most attractive in others?
  • What turns you on?

These are some of the things to talk about before getting into a relationship or committing to a new relationship.

Once you realize you’re very different from the new boyfriend or girlfriend, then you need to say NO to the love relationship, but do it politely.

You wouldn’t want to start a relationship you will not enjoy, that will not last long, or evolve into a romantic relationship.

If you’re a girl, these questions can reveal his intentions whether he wants to just fuck you or engage in deep love with you.

After asking those deep first dating questions and you’re now in a love relationship, you can ask more questions to spice your staying-together.

  • When it comes to shaving in-between your legs, Do you prefer bushy hair, low hair, clean shave or you don’t care at all?
  • Where on your body do you most like to be touched?
  • Do you like to pamper or do you prefer to be pampered?
  • Have you ever had sex in an unusual place and do you like or hate it?
  • How was your first really good sex?
  • What embarrassing bed mishap or story do you remember?
  • Do you prefer a hot quickie or two hours of slow sex?
  • When do you like to have sex – in the morning or at 3 a.m. after a night of dancing at the club?

Communication is very important in a relationship, and couples that discuss their sexual boundaries and fantasies are likely to strike a balance in their love life and live happier together.

When you give men good sex and a good meal, most of them will love to stick with you for a long period.

While men can get food anywhere and at any time, good sex is not the same, therefore, get to know things that your boyfriend or husband craves in sex.

Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend the following questions for a deeper love bond.

Which position, or touch helps you to reach your climax?
Have you ever faked an orgasm and if so, why?

Do you like to masturbate or not?
When you masturbate, do you tend to think of stories that you have experienced, prefer to watch porn, or do you come up with your sexual fantasies?
Would you masturbate together in front of your partner and how would you find it the other way around?
Do you watch porn sometimes? And if so, which scenes do you find super exciting, but wouldn’t you necessarily put them into practice?
Have you ever sent or received sexy messages or nude photos of yourself?
What was the nicest, hottest, funniest, or stupid sentence someone said to you during sex?
What are your absolute no-gos when it comes to sex?
Do you prefer to play the dominant or submissive role during sex?
On a scale from 1 to 10 – How important is oral sex to you?
Do you enjoy using sex toys during sex or when you are masturbating?
Would you rather spank the other person’s buttocks or be tied up and gagged yourself?
Would you rather try anal sex or pee games?
What would you not want to do without during sex?
On a scale from 1 to 10 – How open are you to new sexual experiments?
Which fantasy would you like to turn into reality?

Are you now getting hot or blown away already, relax, don’t be afraid to ask your lover sex-themed questions, get better together and enjoy your romantic relationship or marriage.

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