How long men and women last in bed

How long Does Sex take?

I read from people on Reddit, yahoo search, and other social sites often, asking how many rounds of sex is normal or how long a woman or man can last in bed.

Well, the fact is that the average sexual act lasts 20 minutes, but can this be generalized like that? No.


How long does a woman last in bed?

This is very difficult to answer. If a woman is fucking with the right cock size she can accommodate, well in the mood, in a comfortable position, and not dry down there, she can last very long, up to 1 hour.

When a woman is with a man that can make her reach climax in every bout, she will also last long and perform better in bed.


How long does the average male last in bed?

While different factors contribute to how long a guy can last in bed, an average male lasts 7 minutes before ejaculating in the first round.

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Kindly note that there’s no normal discharge time for a man, and the second round takes a long time before a man releases sperm, up to 20 minutes.

Also, there’s no length of time required for sex to get a woman pregnant, as long as ejaculation takes place during the ovulation of a woman, pregnancy is likely to occur.

How long men and women last in bed

How long does the Average man last in Bed with Condom

One of the advantages of a condom is that it helps man to last longer in bed. It reduces the friction while having sexual intercourse, and some women help their men to last longer in bed by offering condoms as long as they’re pleased with it.

It can take about 15 minutes on average for a man to ejaculate when wearing a condom on his cock, and the second round can take more minutes.


Does Good sex have to last long?

What makes good sex is proportional to the interests of the lovers and the purpose of having sex.

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If you want to have sex to get pregnant, then, the duration is not important but rather the man releasing healthy sperm into the woman.

Some men and women also don’t like sex to take a  long time, they prefer short or quickie while others want it to take hours.

Also, some findings have revealed that African men last longer in bed than for example Asian men. Similarly, European women love sex to take a long time than Indian women.

It is important to understand that having sex and releasing sperm does not make you skinny.


What defines Good Sex?

A guy can last minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or even a quick 5 minutes or less, same with women but the length does not mean the better.

What defines good sex depends on the individual. The hottest sex may take place in the bathroom, forest, or other questionable places but ends with a sensational orgasm for both of them.

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It can also take place in your bedroom, take mi,nutes and boring for one or both of them.

As long as you’re passionate and sensual about it or at most orgasm, then it’s good sex.


Influences on the Perceptions of Good Sex

If our society focused on the essentials, not being influenced by the porn industry and self-appointed sex counselors, then sex could simply be beautiful and intimate again.

No matter how long it takes, good sex is very individual and varies from one lover to another.

Sex should not be planned, that is when it’s fun to play with each other, discover things and have a fulfilling orgasm at the end.

The fact that the average sex lasts 20 minutes is nothing more than “average”.