How too much sex affects weight loss

The misconception about sex and weight gain or weight loss has been for a time immemorial.

While we were growing up, we believed having too much sex or sex every day can make one lose weight, and not having sex can help to gain weight.

Does releasing sperm make you lose weight? After all, you often have to make a lot of effort, sweat, and your pulse beats faster. But is all of this enough to make you weaker or lose weight?

While there are disadvantages of releasing sperm daily by hand or with a Fleshlight, masturbation is very different from sex.

How too much sex affects weight loss

Does releasing sperm make you weaker and lose weight?

Sex does not make you weaker or lose weight as many thought. Sex can make you lose belly fat, especially if you practice the missionary position.

Sex is a form of exercise that can help both the man and woman in bed.

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David Allison, an American researcher, has disproved the theory that releasing sperm frequently makes you lose weight.

Together with his team at the University of Alabama, in Birmingham, USA, he has now finally provided proof that sex only makes you happy, relaxes your nerves, pumps up your hormones, but does not reduce your weight.

The “sex diet” is a myth that was also cleared up in the England Journal of Medicine.

So there is one less diet that you can try to finally reach your ideal weight.

But on what basis is the theory-based? The scientific study has shown that the sexual act lasts around six minutes on average.

This results in calorie consumption of just 21 calories. If you consider that a banana has around 70 calories, you will now know that the sex diet is unsuccessful.

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Sex makes you healthy and Happy

Sex doesn’t necessarily make you slim, but sex is very healthy and fun.

People often ask how many times should a man release sperm in a week.

Several studies have proven that an adult should have sex at least 3 times a week for great benefits while having sex once a week is not bad.

It does not matter if you release sperm daily at 15, 17, or 20+, it does not have any basis for weight loss.

However, other theories support the relationship between sex and weight loss halfway.

Uwe Knop believes that if you have 25 minutes of sex daily, you can burn around 250 calories.

The nutritionist admits, however, that sex is not always sex. So it also depends on which positions are exercised, the amount of time,, and how intense it is.

The six-minute missionary position is certainly no guarantee that you should eat chocolate or a burger afterward because you have burned an insane amount of calories.

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Still, even if sex doesn’t make you slim, there are plenty of reasons why sex is healthy.



Sex is a form of exercise, and while exercise can help you to lose weight, sex is not a reliable way of shedding pounds.

Also, there’s no correlation between releasing sperm and losing weight.

If however weight is lost as a result of regular sex, it’s as a result of the calories burnt during the act and the energy expended.

Sex has many health benefits – it loosens up the muscle groups in your back.

This means that the backbone not only becomes more flexible but the posture can also be improved.

The hormone oxytocin, which is released during sex, also has an analgesic effect.