How exercise and sports can increase libido in men and women

No one enjoys a boring sex life and gone are the days sex is used majorly for procreation.

Sex is fun, and healthy and can be used to improve life and happiness.

While both males and females can engage in mental exercises to drive the mood for sex, you can also explore physical exercises to last longer in bed.

Physical exercises are not only good for your health and wellbeing, but it can also increase your sexual desire.


Can Exercise increase Male and Female Libido?

Before we draw out conclusion on this, it’s a common fact that athletes are good in bed, at least from my personal experiences and many others.

The principle is quite simple and is based on facts. Firstly, your sexual organs are better supplied with blood during exercise, get more oxygen,, and thus work to a greater extent.

This leads to the release of more sexual hormones such as estrogen in women, testosterone in men, and endorphins in both men and women.

Endorphins, the happiness hormones ensure that you feel better and more attractive, and with the sex hormones, libido can be increased significantly.

Also, exercises can help you to increase strength, help to manage your muscle and energy, and endurance better, and these are important to hold out longer and explore different positions that require more strength and/or flexibility.

How exercise and sports can increase libido in men and women

Workout makes Men Hornier

A balanced hormonal system is of great relevance for both men and women. Women over 30 years can correct the hormonal imbalance through regular exercise.

However, with men, sexual potency and physical performance are closely related.

A man that engages in exercises or sports regularly will increase libido better than women and can as well reduce the risks of impotence.

Research by the Harvard School of Public Health with more than 30,000 participants shows that men who exercise regularly are as fit as a five year younger non-athlete and that regular jogging of about 40 kilometers per week increases the testosterone level significantly.

Exercises, especially lower-body workouts can help to make men hornier because testosterone is better secreted and blood flows to the reproductive organs better and regularly during workouts.

Also, you can reduce your body weight with exercise and thus, pump up your hormones.

Remember, the more your obesity, the lower your testosterone level, and your sex drive, therefore, exercise is proven to help with libido and better sex life.



You can increase your libido if you exercise regularly, however, more exercise does not mean higher libido.

Both endurance and muscle training of 90 minutes every week is good to enhance your sexual desire.

You can be taking 15 minutes of exercise daily and rest on the last day of the week to prepare for another week.

Your muscles need 2 days to rest to rebuild worn-out tissues, so it’s important not to intensify your training, you’re not going for a competition but rather to improve your libido.