Reasons for low libido in men and women

Is your wife or husband not in the mood anymore? The desire for sex is not the same every day and also depends on our cycle.

Before talking about the causes of low libido in young men and women, a woman can lose interest in sex during menstruation and when she’s already in her menopausal age.

Men can also feel sexually inactive, and not have feelings for sex when they’re in their 80s.

While sex hormones are primarily responsible for our sexual desire, other factors can negatively affect it.


Causes of low libido in Male and Female

Reasons for low libido in men and women

  • Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can make to suddenly have low libido. Stress is often one of the reasons women complain about having sex with their husbands.

Unfortunately, stress can rarely be avoided. It leads to an increased cortisol level in the body and thus also lowers libido.

If you know the reason for the high level of stress, you can try to shift down a few gears and thus restore sexual pleasure.


  • Drugs

There are medication drugs that can decrease your libido. Such drugs will not cause a permanent disinterest in sex, but you should follow the instructions by the manufacturers accordingly.

Some medications, such as tranquilizers and high blood pressure drugs, also affect the desire to have sex.

Also, some birth control pills are known to reduce your feelings for sex, therefore, check the drugs to see if it’s responsible for your low libido.

In addition to side effects such as skin problems, weight loss or gain, and deterioration in mental health, it can also lead to a loss of libido.

However, there are already preparations that do not affect your sexual desire, the best thing to do is to speak to a gynecologist and get advice on this.


  • Too much Alcohol 

A glass of wine can increase the libido for a short time, but if it becomes too much, alcohol acts as an anesthetic on our lust.

There’s a misconception that alcohol makes you last longer in bed. while a little intake can enhance your mood, much of it will not only affect your libido, it can cause other health issues.

Binge drinking can make you not have an erection or feelings for sex.


  • Pressure

Putting too much pressure on yourself is a common reason for loss of libido. If you’ve prepared too much to have sex, too much pressure can make you get tired easily.

If you also have pressure from a workload or other things bothering you, it can lower your interest and feelings for sex.


  • Self-doubt

Self-doubt is also one of the psychological reasons that can weaken our libido.

The fear of not being good in bed or of not pleasing one’s partner also suppresses libido.


  • Problems in your romantic relationship

One of the most common psychological reasons for low libido is negative tension in your romantic relationship.

If there are issues you’re faced with in your romantic relationship, sexual interest decreases.

Psychotherapists advise here to discuss conflicts with your partner and to address problems properly.


  • Parenting

Childbirth is a difficult phase for many new parents.

Women in particular usually suffer both mentally and physically from the consequences of childbirth but it is quite normal that you feel less pleasure during this time.


  • Health issues

Lifestyle diseases such as cancer, stroke, or kidney disease can suppress a man’s testosterone levels and reduce his sperm production.

Low testosterone, however, is responsible for low libido in men, and it can also be caused by HIV or kidney diseases.

You can improve your health and libido with regular and guided exercises, therefore you should talk to your doctor about improving your health.


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