Sensitive places to touch women for sex

When your woman is not in the mood for sex, maybe in the morning, after work and she’s tired, or because she’s already in menopause, there are ways to get her in the mood fast.

While the most sensitive part of a woman is the vagina, and the clitoris, you can start to turn on your woman mentally before working on her emotions by touching the erogenous parts.


How to turn on a woman Mentally?

If your girl/woman has a low libido, you can turn her on now through love text messages when she’s away.

Start talking about how romantic she’s and how much you’d like to drive her crazy in bed when she returns from work.

Remind her of your previous lovemaking that was fantastic and how you both reached the climax. With words only, you can start to turn her on without touching her at all.


How to get a girl/woman in the Mood Fast

There are places to touch a woman to make her happy when cuddling her, these are called the weak spots or erogenous zones to get a girl in the mood fast.

These sensitive places or parts of the body are particularly ticklish, and every girl wants them to be touched by their partner.

While every woman is unique when it comes to their erogenous zones, there are about 7 erogenous zones in a woman that can drive their mood for sex.

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To turn your woman on emotionally, you need to find out her weak or hot spot so you don’t turn her off instead of enhancing her libido.

Sensitive places to touch women for sex

Sensitive Places to touch a woman

These sensitive spots are not in any order but can help her get in the mood.

  • The neck

Kisses and caresses on the neck are probably one of those things that we all know arouse us – but which are often neglected.

Even a small touch here can cause nerve endings to explode. Gently pull the hair away, touch the nape of the neck with your fingertips, and kiss. Some women can also be turned on with a little bite or heavy, and slow breadth on the neck.


  • The scalp

Who doesn’t enjoy being petted gently on the head?

Touching the scalp stimulates and relaxes your lover and being in a relaxed mood is an important requirement to get a woman in the mood for sex.

You should be careful while pulling your woman’s hair, and should not be the hair ends.

Start with hair around her neck at the back and around her ear. you can also whisper to her ear as you rob, pull, and massage her hair.

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  • The ears

What many do not know is that our ears are quite sensitive, and touching them can be very arousing.

A gentle nibble increases the feeling immensely, therefore, playing with the ear during foreplay worth it.

Some women can get in the mood pretty quickly when you bite the ear a little, whisper into the ear, and breathe out to the ear. The warm air from your mouth can do the magic in her ear.


  • The back of the knee

This will probably not work for particularly ticklish people, but let me tell everyone else, that the back of the knee can do more than you think.

Similar to the neck, many nerve endings converge here and make this part of the body with, particularly thin skin a perfect erogenous zone. Just try gentle strokes, kisses, or even small massages.


  • The wrist

The wrist, with its very thin skin, is also an important zone for gentle body contact.

Unfortunately, this point is neglected far too much and not perceived as an erogenous zone but that makes them all the more sensitive.


  • The lower abdomen

The lower part of the abdomen is one of the most tickling parts of the body for many.

If you find the right spot here, your entire upper body flinches but if the whole thing is incorporated gently and calmly into the oral sex, it is almost an orgasm guarantee.

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  • The Breast

The breast is well known by many as the second most sensitive part of a woman after the clitoris.

The first spot to touch most women in foreplay to get them aroused is particularly the breast.

Start caressing it, fondle it gently and let the breast form a cup shape in your palm.

Don’t be too quick to touch the nipples or kiss them, start caressing the areola, kiss it, and touch it again gradually.

Your woman will get blown away and would want to draw your head near her breast to kiss the nipples, resist and continue till she gets wet.

Kiss the nipples, roll your tongue around the nipples and make a rhythm in your caressing. Some women also get turned on when you bite the nipples a little bit.


  • The vagina

When you’re done with the above-mentioned sensitive spots, you woman must have been driven in the mood.

Further massage on the vagina can do the finish, touch her gently, and don’t get her injured with your nails.

Get to the clitoris and massage it, you can even kiss or eat her if you both love it.

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