Women multiple orgasm and how to experience it

An average man experiences orgasm more than the female. When men reach their climax and come, they ejaculate, and that’s physical sign of men orgasm.

But for women, they reach climax and orgasm but do not discharge like men.

Also, men can orgasm multiple times in a sexual intercourse, but since the women orgasm is somehow complicated, many people often wonder if women can orgasm repeatedly in sex bout.


What is Orgasm in Women?

Orgasm in women is the height of arousal in women during sexual activities or stimulation.

Orgasm, also referred to as coming is the mood a woman experiences immediately after reaching climax, when an errogenous zone or a combination of errogenous zones are stimulated to the maximum.

There are four stages for a woman to reach climax. The woman should have the interest to make love, then should be aroused, then orgasm and relax.

The main woman vagina climax signs are the moaning, the woman holding you onto herself, the woman balancing her position for deeper penetration, the woman calling you for more actions.

There’s a little difference between getting wet, climax and orgasm. Getting wet is as a result of arousal, climax is the excitement to come or reach orgasm while orgasm is the height of satisfaction during sex.

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How many times can a Woman reach climax?

Many sexologists have confirmed that a woman can reach climax and orgasm more than men.

While men reach orgasm when they ejaculate only, women can reach orgasm during romance, vagina stimulation, clitoris stimulation, breast and nipple fondling and sucking.

Women can reach climax repeatedly, up to 10 times or even more in one sex session with the partner.

A woman who’s just had an orgasm would need more stimulation, and few minutes, maybe 2 to 3 minutes to experience another orgasm.

In fact, women can have 7 orgasms in a row, but a few women are able to experience height of sexual pleasure.


How long does it take a Woman to reach Climax?

How long it takes a woman to reach climax and come, however, depends on how she’s turned on by the partner.

Fatigue, not having enough patience, the wrong technique, sex position, the man reaching orgasm quickly, and sometimes, the hypersensitivity of the clitoris that has already occurred are reasons multiple orgasm is difficult for women.

There are also individual differences and feelings playing out here since women don’t all have to experience orgasms with the same intensity.

The age, mental, and health condition, or the prevailing situation in the relationship are also important if and how many times women reach orgasm.


Two Types of Orgasm in Women

There is a clear difference in the 2 types of orgasm – The “peak”, and the “plateau” type

The Peak

With the “peak” type, the orgasm follows the peak of the female arousal, with the satisfaction going down afterwards.

The woman’s genitals are stimulated, the clitoris has become so sensitive that further caressing is no more pleasurable to the woman, and it’s perceived as uncomfortable or sometimes also painful.

In this case, the woman needs a certain amount of time to be aroused again.


The Plateau

With the “plateau” type, things are different. The peak of excitement remains so that further climaxes can follow and the woman can enjoy multiple orgasm in a row.

The reason is the A point. This is located behind the G-spot – i.e. in the upper vaginal wall.

If the A-point is stimulated, the woman’s sexual organs swell and there is increased vaginal flow.

If gentle pressure is released on the A-point, multiple orgasms can be experienced.


How Women can Experience more than one Orgasm?

It is important to take into account the fact that multiple orgasm can not be experienced every time you make love to your boyfriend or husband.

Even if there are numerous testimonials on the internet, and sex guides with instructions on how to reach climax repeatedly during sex.

Sex should not become a competition or competitive sport, and you should let it be a burden to reach orgasm more than one time.

What is important is the quality of sex and satisfaction, not how often women actually come.

Those who can relax and swing mood can experience multiple orgasms now and then – but whoever builds up pressure prevents the possibility of experiencing multiple orgasms.