Amazing and interesting things about vagina

There are interesting facts about the female body that most guys don’t know.

Some fun facts about the female reproductive system, especially the vagina are the main focus today.

The human vagina is a real wonder of nature and there are weird things and amazing facts about it.

8 Rarely heard facts about the Female Body

Amazing and interesting things about vagina

Vagina has more nerve cells than Penis

The vagina is really sensitive, more than the penis, and the reason for this is the over 7,ooo nerve endings in the clitoris.

Not only are there more endings than in the rest of the body, but there are also more than in the glans of the penis.

The nerve density is also extremely high and makes the vagina extremely sensitive. For this reason, it is also considered a woman’s pleasure zone.

By the way, the man’s erectile tissue – the corpus spongiosum, is also a kind of pleasure zone.

This has almost the same structure and size as the female clitoris and performs similar tasks about sexuality.


The vagina is super stretching

Another amazing thing about the female sex organ is that it can really stretch. This is primarily made possible due to the mucous membrane.

In addition to the mucous membrane, the muscles in the vagina also play a major role.

They are also specially designed for the stress and strain of childbirth and can stretch in all forms.

This makes the vagina a real stretching miracle. Also, the vagina is about 3 inches but when a woman is aroused, it can stretch to 5 inches.


The same secretion as the shark

One weird thing about the human female vagina is that it has the same secretion as sharks.

The secretion from both is called squalene. This lipid can be found both in the oil of the shark liver and in the vaginal secretion and is important in getting a lady wet when stimulated and aroused.

Squalene is secreted by the vaginal walls, which, depending on the situation, can also secrete many other substances.


The female body germs form the vagina flora

In addition to the lipids mentioned, the vagina also produces special germs collectively known as the vagina flora which consist of lactobacillus species.

These beneficial germs are responsible for the self-cleaning of the vagina.

This, in turn, keeps pathogens out and makes the inside of the vagina smooth and supple.

Nevertheless, even using soap or rinsing can affect the balance of the vaginal flora.


The vagina is very elastic

The vagina hymen is considered evidence of virginity. However, a firm hymen is not always proof of virginity since the vagina is elastic.

This is because the hymen is elastic and can survive the first sexual intercourse, especially in young women.

In another way, it can get weak when a female is exposed to much physical activity or sport.

Also, many clinics now offer vagina and hymen tightening services to clients.


Different sizes and shapes

There is an interesting fact about women, and it’s about the vagina.

Similar to the male penis, the vagina is not always the same length and width.

Some sheaths are only six inches long, while others can reach up to 14 inches.

The inner labia can be two to ten centimeters long, the outer ones are often even more.

The clitoris is the same length in almost all women and, when erect, reaches a length of about three centimeters.

It is also funny to know that the inner labia can be up to three times more when aroused.

These changes are similar to the male erection and make it clear that both sex organs are relatively similar.


The pubic hair

The pubic hair gives beauty to women, and do you know it’s a symbol of fertility? yeah, it is.

The hair is not just for beauty, the hair follicles absorb the vagina smell, it prevents dust and germs from getting into the vagina.

Also, the vagina reduces friction during sex and prevents hurt on the flexible skin around the genitals.


Sex keeps the vagina healthy

Sex makes you healthy. This is true not only because of the happiness hormones released but also because of the actual arousal.

Getting wet down there can help, especially during menopause, to compensate for the low estrogen level in the vagina during this period.

Doctors also confirm that sex has a healing effect because sperm can help to keep the vagina good.

However, having sexual intercourse every day can have other ill effects.

The reason is that semen has a pH value of around 7.5 which can be too high for the sensitive vaginal area with a pH value of 4.0.