14 facts about male and female orgasm

Orgasm is the height of pleasure derived from sexual activities, both male and female.

With the advent of technology, sexual activities have evolved, however, the male orgasm is more beneficial when sexual intercourse is involved.

The orgasmic experience during sexual intercourse is wow, but do you know some interesting things that it offered your body? let’s dive in.


Few Facts about Orgasm

14 facts about male and female orgasm

Orgasm and Headache

Do you have headaches and are afraid to make love to your partner, hell no! Don’t make the mistake that sex will worsen your issue and make it lead to migraine.

According to scientific studies, having an orgasm can even help you to reduce the pain you experience.

When people with headaches are tested with sex, half of them feel better after orgasm, and the effect is said to set in more quickly with orgasm than with headache drugs.

However, there’s also sexual or orgasm headache, the condition where one experiences headache due to overstimulation before, during or after sexual intercourse.


Orgasm and Immune system

Sex does not make you weak as long as you practice a healthy lifestyle.

Sexual intercourse can even make you feel better. When you orgasm, you pump up your testosterone level and the happiness hormone can also be released.

Studies have even shown that orgasm can help you increase the number of leukocytes ( white blood cells) and immune cells.

This means that you can strengthen your immune system and activate the body’s self-healing powers.


Orgasm can help Depression

Sex is an old way of releasing pent-up emotions, we know this by instinct, hence the reason people practice make-up sex to settle disputes between lovers.

Orgasm can help to wade off depression, more effective than clubbing or binge drinking alcohol.


Orgasm and illness

As good as you feel when you reach the climax and cum, orgasm in itself can be a subject of concern as it can lead to continuous arousal.

This syndrome is called “permanent arousal” and corresponds to a disruption of the blood circulation to the sexual organs, which ensures uninterrupted climaxes.

Don’t be jealous, because those affected often have to struggle with a general inability to concentrate.


Being addicted to Sex

The orgasmic experience can spike the urge to have sex from time to time, this is common to adolescents and teenagers, thus, making you addicted to sex and orgasm.

Have you ever noticed that men behave like drug addicts in lustful situations?

There is a good reason for this, the male orgasm activates the same areas of the brain as heroin, according to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience


Bed Sports

Skipping the gym because of a hot date? No need to worry, because an orgasm burns just as many calories as a 20-minute walk, including climbing stairs.

In addition, the climax stimulates the cardiovascular system and, according to studies, even extends life.


Get your brain in workouts

Like lower animals, orgasm is supposed to develop the human mind.

As scientists Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise at the University of New Jersey discovered, orgasm can help to re-engineer our brain more than a crossword puzzle.

Orgasm refreshes the mind, can make you feel relaxed, and reactivate your mind to make clearer decisions.


It can help with Pain

Have you ever thought about how pain and pleasure go together?

The connection is quite simple because the orgasm makes you insensitive to pain.

As sex researcher Whipple documented in the 80s, people can deal with pain more during sexual intercourse and orgasm because sexual pleasure masks the areas of the brain responsible for pain sensation.


Sweet sex experience worth dying for

Many people can do anything for love and sex. Orgasm is arguably the most enjoyable part of a sexual relationship.

We’ve seen people going extra length for sexual gratification, and even when there’s a risk of death, many men are happy to accept it with joy.

Statistically, even one percent of all sudden deaths occur during sexual intercourse or a few hours after it.


Orgasm is mostly Timeless

In the 80s, the University of Copenhagen studied the orgasm of various women and monitor it with a stopwatch and let the participants estimate the length of time at their peak.

They gave an average of twelve seconds while the real average was 26 seconds.

The orgasmic experience seems to have stopped time but the men are certainly even more grateful for this retarding effect because, for them, the average peak duration is only five seconds.


Who has more records?

Because women don’t come that often! According to a US study, the orgasm record for women is 163 times an hour.

The men’s record, on the other hand, was only a measly 16 times. But don’t panic – at least men only need an average of three minutes to get there, while women take a good 20 minutes.


Age preference

As you age, you have more experience, and that also applies to sex and reaching climax.

According to the 2012 Durex Sex Study, less than 50 percent of all women, up to 24 are satisfied with the intensity of their peak.

Among the participants that were studied, were women who’re over 50 years, on the other hand, almost 60 percent of them found their orgasms to be interesting and intense.


Orgasm and Warm feet

Can warm feet help you to reach climax easily, especially when your hands are too cold?

According to a study by the University of Groningen, 80 percent of all women experience orgasm if they wear socks during sexual intercourse. If they don’t, there is only 50 percent of them.

You might have seen both men and women in the porn industry putting on socks during foreplay and sex, especially men, studies have shown that warm feet can turn on the brain better.