Why does head hurt when you jerk

Do you have sudden migraine during sexual intercourse? Some men do complain of severe headachess when reaching climax.

It can be a mild headache or even a thunderclap headache after orgasm, and it affects both men and women, but more common in men, and very rare in females.


What is Sexual Headache?

Sexual headache is a condition whereby one develops an intense headache before, during, or after sexual intercourse (or orgasm).

This condition is generally known as an orgasm headache, sex headache, or post-coital headache but is scientifically known as Coital cephalalgia

The sudden headache can be sharp and intense to a level that the person has to discontinue the love-making.

Also, excruciating headaches are more likely to be episodic, and in many cases, coital cephalalgia goes away on its own after a certain period.

Why does head hurt when you jerk

What Does Sexual Headache Mean?

Intensely painful sexual headache or Orgasm headache is usually caused by hyper-sexual excitement which triggers an increase in blood pressure, widening of your blood vessels, and an increase in blood flow and oxygen to your brain. (vasodilation).

Without sexual activity, dilation of the blood vessels can cause explosive headaches in men.

Sexual headache can occur before and after having sexual intercourse if your expectation and excitement to make love is high respectively.

Orgasm migraine can occur to any male at any age but the typical age of the victims is between 25 and 50 years, that is, the most active period for sexual activities.

Similar to orgasm headache is sexual benign, it’s also caused by hyper excitement which triggers muscle contraction around the head and neck, and thus causes headache like the head gonna explode.


Why Does My Head Hurt When I Jerk?

Different physiological and psychological factors can trigger Postcoital thunderclap headache or orgasm migraine.

The causes of headaches after sexual intercourse are rather unspecific to be determined.

In both males and females, headache after orgasm is usually linked to overstimulation, which is experienced particularly during the sexual act.

If you’re making love to your partner for the first, and of course, you’re not used to his/her body or sexual prowess, there could be over-stimulation and super excitement that can lead to coital cephalalgia.

You see your partner naked in front of you and at the same time have intense feelings and desires to fuck her hard and hot.

The body reacts to the overstimulation and causes physical symptoms such as head jokes, which make the person concerned shy away from further sexual acts.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can also trigger post-coital headache symptoms.


Sexual Headache Treatment

Sudden headaches during lovemaking can quickly spoil the mood. However, it may go away as quickly as it came, and you can also get rid of a sexual headache with medications or therapy.

Especially when the sexual partners meet more often, a certain habituation factor occurs, which reduces the sexual arousal and thus reduces overstimulation.

You can also make targeted use of these connections by preparing for sex better and initiating it more slowly.

Different methods can also be used to reduce tension during the sexual act.

In persistent cases of Postcoital thunderclap headache, however, you should ask your family doctor or a professionally trained sex therapist for help

The family doctor can clarify whether the excruciating orgasm headache is caused by overstimulation or if there are other underlying factors.

The sex therapist can give important advice on how to make the sexual experience less stressful.

Your doctor can also recommend over-the-counter or prescription pain drugs like Ibuprofen or Indomethacin.

You can use the pain drug to prevent explosive headaches during or after sexual intercourse.



Sexual headache can be averted: The headache during the sexual act does not have to be accepted permanently.

Usually, simple changes in the course of sexual intercourse help to reduce overstimulation by reducing stress.

In chronic cases of post-coital headache, however, one should seek professional advice.