How to make a woman to squirt


When a woman squirts, it’s referred to as female ejaculation since it’s not different from the male sperm from a different perspective.

However, women can urinate during sexual intercourse, and whether this is voluntary or involuntary, it’s also regarded as squirting.

What causes a woman to squirt is the direct stimulation of the popular G-spot in the front wall of the vagina.

Overstimulation of the female body leads to a high increase in pleasure and ejaculation.


How Many Women Can Squirt?

The fact is, women do squirt but not every woman squirts, and female ejaculation is never pee.

The fact that female ejaculation exists has been proven both by women who have already experienced this form of orgasm and by doctors.

Around a 3rd of women ejaculate occasionally, and female ejaculation usually occurs during sexual intercourse.

This form of orgasm is also known as a wet orgasm or squirting.

While all females can not squirt, you can make your woman ejaculate if you read further in this article.

How to make a woman to squirt

What is it When a Woman Squirts?

When a woman squirts, an involuntary release of fluid occurs, and the female ejaculation pathway is the urethra.

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This fluid is majorly a mix of urea, uric acid, and creatinine, therefore, female ejaculation is not urine per se.

Female ejaculation is a milky fluid that looks like male semen but is not as thick as sperm.


How Do Women Ejaculate?

Squirting is a sign of the greatest pleasure when a woman ejaculates. The paraurethral gland (also called the female prostate) is responsible for this.

The skene glands (to the left and right of the urethra) produce the protein-rich fluid, often transparent, sometimes also milky-white secretion, which is secreted in spurts during orgasm.

Ejaculation emerges from several tiny openings in the end sections of the urethra.

When squirting, women often think they have urinated in bed, but it should be said here that women cannot normally urinate during sexual intercourse.

However, women do not ejaculate with every orgasm, for many women it never occurs in their lives, and it is often a one-off stroke of luck.

Women who have ejaculated describe this orgasm as particularly intense.


What happens when a woman cums?

About 1 to 3 teaspoons of milky fluids are secreted during squirting.

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When a woman squirts, the Pubococcygeus (PC muscle) that connects the pubic bone to the tailbone contracts involuntarily and increases blood flow out of the tissues around the vagina.

The contraction and relaxation of the vagina muscles make a woman feels orgasm and relax after the contraction cycle.


How to Make a Woman to Squirts?

The intense stimulation of the clitoris, and around the G-spot in the inner wall of the vagina, about 5 cm away from the vulva can lead to female ejaculation.

The G-spot is directly on the paraurethral gland, commonly known as the female prostate.

For a man to squirt a woman, he can romance the G-spot with his fingers, sex toys, or with his penis.

When a man gently presses and caresses the clitoris, the woman can experience an extremely intense orgasm and ejaculation.

By stimulating the G-spot, women can have a wet orgasm. Ejaculation may also occur, but there is no guarantee that it will.

The G-spot can also be stimulated from behind or when a woman is sitting on the man during sexual intercourse.

The G-spot is another feminine mystery and is differently pronounced among women.

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According to a study it was found the majority of women and also their partners perceive squirting as enrichment for their sex life.


Problems and Fears with Squirting

Since female ejaculate comes from openings next to the urethra, it is often mistaken for urine.

In addition, women feel the urge to urinate before orgasm. For this reason, some women suppress the orgasm, but as already described, there is no draining of urine.

Allow and enjoy – that would be the right reaction. However, many women are ashamed. Unfortunately, the woman’s lustful ejaculation cannot be trained.



There is female ejaculation, and women can also experience a wet orgasm.

According to the latest research, scientists assume that every woman can produce the secretion, but not that every woman ejaculates.

Sex researchers estimate a 3rd of sexually active women ejaculate.

The pelvic floor muscle “Pubococcygeus” is said to play a relevant role in squirting.

This muscle contracts during orgasm. The stronger this is, the more likely female ejaculation can occur.

Men can stimulate their partner accordingly via the G-spot, but even then there is no guarantee that women will ejaculate.