What women prefer in Penis length and girth

There are a lot of misconceptions about penis size and its relevance in having enjoyable sex.

An average youth believes his penis size is small and there’s a need to increase the length to satisfy his girlfriend.

This is often traced to the exposure to porn videos and testimonials of penis length and size increment after using a drug, or a particular method.

Do men have to increase their cock before they can have better sex and make women happier?


Some Facts about the Penis and the Vagina

The penis does not have muscles that can be stretched, therefore, you can’t increase your penis length and girth mechanically or chemically.

An average penis length is 5.3 inches while the vagina is lesser even when aroused.

Most women feel uncomfortable with a penis length that’s more than 6.5 inches.

Women are turned on by big penis size but don’t find it pleasurable in bed.

25 years is the age limit for penis growth, so whatever size and length you’ve now is forever.

A woman’s vagina can be perfectly adapted to the length of your penis naturally.

What women prefer in Penis length and girth

Does Penis Size Matter in Bed or Stamina?

The penis size does not matter, and neither does stamina, says 3Movs. What’s important is the ability to initiate erection quickly and maintain a healthy erection to please your woman in bed.

Endurance during a prolonged sexual activity is also very important to make your woman satisfied.

Another important thing is the ability to delay ejaculation till you’re able to make your woman reach orgasm and you both reach your climax before you get tired.


Do girls care about Size?

If you think your woman is only satisfied with the length of your penis, you may be mistaken.

In most cases, women do not look at the penis length, they care about how you’re able to explore sex and make them happy, perhaps, women don’t orgasm because of penetration but the whole activities.

More than 80% of women achieve orgasm by stimulating the clitoris or the G-spot – the penis should then be used properly.


What Size do get Prefer

Forget about the porn videos, women’s ideal penis size is 5.5 to 6.5 inches in length and 4.3 inches in girth.

Women usually know exactly how they will reach orgasm, so an average penis size od ok for them to have a fulfilling sexual life.

However, some women prefer huge cocks as seen in the porn industry. They want to ride on huge cocks as they enjoy wild and painful sex.

In rare cases would you find women who prefer 9 inches penis as a good size for pleasurable sexual intercourse.



Above all, love and sex need a pleasant atmosphere and mutual affection.

The problem men and women face today about the size of the penis and satisfaction is triggered by fads about penis size increment and porn videos.

What you need to do is to discuss this topic with your partner and work on more intimacy, foreplay, and stimulating each other to reach the climax, that’s all that’s important.