Signs he/she doesn't want you again

There are different reasons for break-up in romantic relationships, and it can end suddenly without seeing it coming or go on and off before it ends.

Whichever way, there are always signs you’re not in love anymore or your partner is no more in love with you.

Most times, you’re caught unawares because you could not read the signs that he/she doesn’t want to be with you anymore, and he/she no longer cares.

When you could not read the signs, you’d find it difficult to get over the breakup when the love eventually ends.


How to Know there is No More Love in a Relationship

  • Is he/she pretending to love you but cheating on you?
  • Do you feel he/she doesn’t love you anymore because of long distance?
  • Is your partner sleeping with another person but still loves you?
  • Did your partner resist you when you make sex advances?

You need to find out the reason your partner has changed to you, and be sincere with him/her.

Sometimes, some changes and developments affect our relationships with others, and your boyfriend/girlfriend may just be in such a phase of life.

However, if you notice the following signs in your love relationship, it may be that your partner is comfortable in the relationship but not in love again, he/she has moved on already, and your partner is not the right for you.

Signs he/she doesn't want you again

Signs of a Relationship Ending

  • Everything about you annoys her/him

If your partner starts complaining about everything you do, it’s a sign he/she does not like you like he/she used to do.

The way you dress, cook, stay with him/her or play, etc suddenly annoys him/her

Things that were never a problem before are now a big deal. Things that he/she loves about you or never complained about before are now very bitter to him/her.

The reason for this could be that your partner overlooks a lot of things when he/she is still in love with you but once the feelings have faded away, it becomes more difficult to tolerate them.


  • He/she no longer argues with you

If your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you, he/she would want to make you better. We argue most times to understand better and improve.

Another reason you argue is that you share emotions, value the relationship, and want to keep it.

For example, when you feel you’re not being treated well by your partner and the relationship means a lot to you, you’d want to hide your feelings.

One would like to clear up the misunderstanding by asking questions and that may end up an argument.

If your partner no longer wants to ask you about things that bother him/her, doesn’t find any reason to clear up misunderstandings, or starts important conversations with you, it’s a clear sign he/she is done with you but doesn’t want to say it verbally.


  • He/she no longer uses your nicknames or says “I love you”

Not every lover is fond of saying “I love you” in a relationship, and not everyone is used to calling people by their nicknames.

However, if your partner usually calls you by your pet names, says I miss you, I love you, and other sweet words but the frequency has now changed suddenly, it’s a warning sign he/she does not love you again.

It means something has changed about him/her and does not share the same feelings with you as before.


  • You’re out of his/her Plans

If your lover no longer wants to commit himself/herself to you, doesn’t longer want to go out with you, celebrate with you, or do things that you normally do together before, it’s one of the signs your relationship is ending.

The reason could be that he/she is not sure whether you will still be part of his/her life.


  • You no longer look each other in the eye

It is common to see lovers looking at each other in the eyes, it’s a sign of love, especially during sexual intercourse.

This may not be applicable if you’re into a long-distance relationship, and again, it depends on what your sex life was like before.

However, if you notice that the intimacy has changed, you no longer feel so connected and he/she no longer looks you in the eye, then that is a sign that you’re not much connected emotionally.

This can have something to do with his/her feelings not being strong like they used to be, and it could also be another problem with your husband or boyfriend.

Try to look for other signs to know whether he still loves you it not.


  • He/she talks about your differences often

Of course, you see things differently and share different opinions. After all, you are also two individual persons.

If your partner suddenly starts talking about things you don’t have an interest in rather than things you both share the same feelings and level of importance about, it’s a warning sign you’re disconnected.

Focusing on the things he only cares about, it may mean that you’re not likely to be part of his/her future.


  • You no longer have priority

If your husband or boyfriend no longer takes you seriously, doesn’t have time for you anymore, or prefers to stick to his phone when you’re together, it means his love for you is no more strength.

If he/she does not want to spend quality time with you and does not value things that he holds in high esteem before, you should know that his mind is no longer with you.


  • He/she finds happiness in something else

Friends are good, and your partner can have good friends that he/she always likes to hang out with and have fun with.

But if you notice that he/she prefers to spend time with friends and is always happy staying with them than being with you, does not want to share his/her worries with you, then, it means you’re no longer important in his/her life.

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