Signs your partner has fallen out of love

There are different reasons people fall in love or start a romantic relationship, and there are different reasons or motives for the other person accepting your love proposal.

Even when you’re genuinely in love, sometimes, you don’t feel the same way about your boyfriend/girlfriend as when you started dating, it’s normal to lose the spark sometimes.

If you still love your partner but feel he/she is no more interested in you, there are clear signs that your relationship is on the brink of collapse.

Signs your partner has fallen out of love

Signs One of you has Fallen out of Love

If you find yourself doing most of these things, they’re signs the relationship is over for him/her.

But if you feel one of you has a concrete reason (out of your relations) that makes one fall out of love for a moment, you need to accept the fact, especially when both of you don’t want to break up, and you’re sincere about it.

Having said that, these are the signs the relationship is over for him/her because you don’t feel in love anymore or your partner has probably stopped loving you.

  • He/she or you prefer to meet with friends
  • He/she or you repels your partner’s advances
  • No plans for the future
  • He/She or you make empty promises
  • He/She or you easily get upset
  • He/She or you don’t listen to the other partner
  • Sex life is zero
  • He/She or you often think or talk about a breakup
  • He/She is no longer jealous
  • He/She or you don’t care anymore
  • No more gifts at all
  • You no longer share interests
  • He/She suddenly starts to talk about someone else
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No plans for the future

If children or weddings have always been your big dream, but suddenly, that is no longer an issue.

You can cut back on your previous plans and see if he/she concurs with you, if not, he/she is likely, not interested anymore.


Sex life is zero

While he/she could never have had enough of sex in the past, does he/she no longer want it? It’s a clear sign your partner is falling out of love with you.

His/her attraction to you may be dead already, similarly when you don’t want to make love to your partner again.


He/she or you prefer to meet with friends

You or your partner don’t want to stay at home any longer but prefer to stay with friends.

Are we going to have dinner together tomorrow? A very prompt answer and refusal mean he/she does not like to have interesting moments with you again.


He/she or you repels your partner’s advances

Want to hold hands, kiss, or just cuddle, but he/she is blocking it? If it occurs often, it’s a sign your relationship is going to be over soon

While there is always some time when one of you loses the spark, however, if it never ends, it is a sign that he/she no longer loves you.

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He/She or you make empty promises

Everyone has broken their word at one point or another. However, if your boyfriend or girlfriend keeps making empty promises, it is a sign that he/she is just trying to appease you for the moment and that you should not trust him/her.


He/She or you easily get upset

If he/she can not forgive your small mistakes easily, it’s a warning sign he/she is no longer finding you valuable.

In the same way, if you can not accept the common bad behaviors of your partner anymore, especially if you do in the past.


He/She or you don’t listen to the other partner

When you discuss your new experiences with him/her and he/she doesn’t want to contribute not because of work or other things, it’s a red flag.

He/she may even be serious with other things that are less important to your discussion.


He/She or you often think or talk about a breakup

While you made plans for the future at the beginning of your relationship, does your boyfriend/girlfriend have negative feelings about it?

If he/she does now, this is a clear indication that something is wrong.


He/She is no longer jealous

Do you often meet/her friends and your partner reacts calmly before?

A spark of jealousy lives in every person. If he/she doesn’t worry about you talking about other men/women’s advances, it may indicate that the love is fading away.

Check to see if he/she is just being sincere with you because too much jealousy can be just as bad as little jealousy.

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He/She or you don’t care anymore

Men in love do everything for their partner to see her happy. If he doesn’t care if you’re crying or in pain, then he no longer cares about your well-being, the same way with a woman.


No more gifts at all

Everyone is happy when their partner offers gifts. If you don’t longer want to offer gifts to her, you’re fallen out of love, similarly if your girlfriend doesn’t want to stress herself to please you.


You no longer share interests

Joint vacations and excursions were always on your agenda. And now he is no longer interested in implementing your hobbies and interests with you? This is an indication that their feelings about you have changed.


He/She suddenly starts to talk about someone else

A new work colleague or a friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend?

If he/she talks a lot about other women or men and gets emotional about it, you should have to worry the love is going down the drain.



Before you start to misbehave with your partner, try to talk with him/her in your quiet time about the changes in behavior.

He/She or you may be overreacting to these signs but when you talk it out, you can work it out without breaking up.

But if any means of resolving your sudden indifference, you may have to accept your relationship is ending sooner or later.

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