how to print online with aura print

If you want to get engaged, a simple way to invite your friends honorably to your wedding party is to make a wedding card.

The wedding invitation card speaks volume about how you want to organize your ceremony, therefore, you should pay a close attention to the wedding invitation text message and card design.

While there are free wedding invitation card templates and formats online you can use, designing your own wedding invitation pack can command much respect.

You can make it simple, modern, funny, romantic, creative or even pass other messages not themed at the wedding ceremony, for example, the need to plant trees.


Custom Card Design

Once the wedding planning is completed and the list of guest to be invited, then you can start working on your invitation card to send to the intended guests.
You can make custom design with Aura Print, just check through their wedding stationary to get inspiration about wedding card design theme.
I’ve once tried online editable wedding invitation card programs you can download free and with the photo editing, it appears nice, but you can get that exactly in print.
Free online invitation card design is not as good as making your custom design right from the designer’s platform.

On Aura print website for example, you can choose from Floral, Elegant, Royal, Rustic, Vintage, Geometric, Summer, Winter, Wreath wedding themes and design your wedding invitation cards according to your taste.

One of the reasons i prefer aura-print is the flexibility, inspiration and cost-friendliness you get to design a card borne out of your own creativity.

You can choose your preferred style, format, material to be used, size, alignment and other printing preferences.

I suggest you firstly make the design in your head or make a draft before the final design so you don’t get overwhelmed with the robust features on the design platform.

custom wedding invitation card design online

Designing Invitation Cards for your Marriage

If you want quality card print for your wedding ceremony or even other kinds of cards and prints without burning your wallet, then here you go.

Select your region so your order can be processed and shipped efficiently, don’t worry, shipment and delivery takes about 1 week after your order has been sent.

After that, go to the wedding stationery or invitations tab and select the occasion: Engagement, and start your custom design.

You can see quite a number of themes, and each one has a description to give you a clue about the theme and the finish design.

You’d also be able to see different elements you can tweak to suit your custom design as applicable to the theme of the card you’ve already picked.

In the design tab, choose your page orientation: landscape, portrait or square.

Do you prefer a plain card or folded card in different pages: 4 pages, 6 page zigzag, Roll fold or open gate fold.

Choose the size of the card as you want it to be in print, the paper material, printed colors and make some other finishing touches for your professionally designed invitation card.

You can decorate your invitation cards with your picture and make it something unique, you can make a part design and let the company’s designers do the finishing or handle the full artwork yourself and make your order.



If you want to design your wedding invitation cards for friends and RSVP online, then it’s easier with Aura Print.

I’ve got a lot of commendation from the business cards i printed for Jumtuns Unisex salon and the wedding invitation cards i processed for my dear friend, Opex is top notch.

Whatever the budget you’ve set for this, i’m sure you can get something nice and jaw-dropping for yourself.