When is it right to get married or have a baby

Deciding to Have a Baby

Many couples wonder what is the right age to get pregnant or have a baby. The answer is relative as there’s no best age for a woman or man to have a baby.

However, a good age to have a baby as a woman is the early 20s since this is the most fertile period.

Having said this, getting pregnant and having babies is beyond just fertility, the readiness for parenting is also important.

You need to have a good salary before you start thinking about having babies – You need to provide food, shelter, sound health, education and offer quality living standards for your kids, especially men.


When is the Right Time to Have a Baby in a Relationship?

Lovers are often curious if 18, 25, or 28 is a good age to have a baby in a romantic relationship.

You’d have to decide when to have a baby with your partner, and once you’re both aware of the responsibilities involved and ready for it, you’re good to go.

However, other factors influence our decisions to decide when to get pregnant or have a baby.

When is it right to get married or have a baby

Societies play important Role

The right time for women to give birth to children often depends, among other things, on their culture.

While some believe women should be well-groomed into adulthood before getting married, others believe getting married and bearing children at early 20s is good.

Also, the distribution of roles in society takes effect. Men are used to taking over the financial security of the family, while women look after the children, care for the husband and take care of the home.

In some other societies, men and women share the same role and responsibilities as a family.


Economic situations also play an important Role

Economic developments – rates of unemployment, housing deficit, and cost of living are factors of influence on the right time to get married, have a baby, and the number of babies to have in a family.

Many lovers find it difficult to decide when to get married, let alone to start having their children.

Some women also get worried about the possible changes in their body, and their lifestyle, and also the responsibilities of taking care of their kids.

But the more you discuss this topic, the more you’d work on planning your family, and the earlier you would have your babies.


Your Career/Job play important Role

Getting a job to save for your family and kid’s development is one thing, having the time to manage your family is another thing.

How well it works depends on the industry in which you work and how much time you spend at your workplace.

For example, someone who spends a lot of time on an airplane will find it difficult to look at his/her child every time, even when they go to school.

Again, the desire for a family is a new beginning in your career when you suddenly feel pushed to the limits that force you to make decisions.

It is important to weigh up how much you are willing to give up on your life as a bachelor or spinster or at least to prepare yourself for the fact that there could be hurdles in the future as a couple.


Do you have to Wait forever?

At the age of 35 and over, it becomes increasingly difficult for women to give birth to a healthy child naturally.

Even later hormonal changes make pregnancy impossible when a woman enters the menopausal age (usually after 50 years)

At over 30 years, the pressure to decide to have a baby is growing steadily and this pressure, in turn, can lead to a break-up in a relationship.

Therefore, if you want a happy family, you shouldn’t wait forever before deciding to get pregnant as a woman or have a child as a man.


When to Know it’s the Right Time to Have a Baby

If you’ve read this page from the beginning, I’m sure you should have an idea of when to get pregnant or start a family now.

But before you start a family and decide to give birth to your first child, consider the following.


A stable Love Relationship

The longer you are in a relationship with another person, the more experiences you have together.

This gives a good insight into how well you’re used to your partner and how long you can continue living together as a couple, and develop your kids together.


Financial Security

Furthermore, you must have a job and make financial plans for your family.

Although some states pay a certain amount of money to unemployed people, it should be in the interests of future parents to earn their own money.



Whether you should complete your degree before childbearing is an individual decision.

However, learning is easier for people who do not have responsibilities on children than parents.


Support from the family

The division of roles in the family should be discussed in advance.

In the event of illness or time constraints, you should make plans for your children’s welfare.

Regardless of whether you’re a teenage parent, you’re in your 20s or 30s, the most important thing is that your child develops in a good environment and is well catered for physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually.