How to overcome loneliness in a relationship

A romantic relationship is not always romantic, life itself is full of ups and downs.

When you talk about loneliness, people often think about someone who’s not into any romantic relationship, that is, not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

However, some people feel sad and lonely in their relationships. They feel unwanted and depressed at one time in their romantic relationship or most times.


What Does it Mean to feel alone in a Relationship?

Closeness and communication are very important in any relationship, and when you lack intimacy and communication with your partner, it means you’re alone in your relationship.

It is not being alone without your partner since you can be alone and still be connected with your partner via call, SMS, social media, and others.

You can also feel lonely in a romantic relationship or marriage while pregnant because of the changes in your body and behavior during pregnancy and your husband may not be happy with some of these changes.

How to overcome loneliness in a relationship

What Causes Loneliness in a Romantic Relationship or Marriage?

Are you in a romantic relationship or marriage but feel very lonely? Would you like to send a lonely wife letter to your husband or feel lonely in a relationship message to your wife?

Firstly, feelings of loneliness in a marriage or relationship can have different causes.

  • It can be that you’re in the wrong relationship.
  • You’re not understood by your partner and being together has become boring.
  • You’re not sexually compatible
  • You do not have many things in common
  • You’re not able to accept your differences and so on.

You can find out the causes of being alone when you notice the signs of loneliness in your relationship by being honest with yourself and making open conversations with your partner as early as possible.

If you argue all the time, it may cause a separation physically and emotionally, and if the separation lasts long, it could not only make you feel alone, it can lead to a breakup.

Marriage can bring a lot of changes to your romantic relationship, for example, couples do go through some problems when they start raising children.

Priorities change during this period, and some couples spend more time with their kids and less time with each other.

It is also possible that the feeling of loneliness is from you and does not have much to do with your partner or relationship.


Is it time to break up?

Being lonely most of the time can of course be a sign that your relationship is about to end.

This can be the case, for example, if all attempts to talk fail, you can’t make it up with sex, and if you feel your partner does not want to see you or have anything to do with you again.

Another warning sign is if you’re not wanted again, for example, your husband/wife keeps you away from his/her friends.

However, you shouldn’t decide to break up just like that. Try to meet with people closer to your partner and find out from them what’s going on, you can even give some time and try to work things out with your partner again.


How to Overcome Loneliness in Marriage or Relationship

You’re the best person to tell if you’re lonely in the relationship, don’t expect your partner or anyone else to know unless you admit you feel abandoned.


  • Work on Communication

Do you feel single in your relationship or marriage? You should be able to communicate feeling lonely with your partner.

Sending messages to your partner that you’re now feeling sad and lonely in the relationship or marriage can make your partner work on strengthening the love bond, especially if he’s responsible for making you feel lonely.

To overcome loneliness in your relationship, you need to both meet, find out the causes, and work on the possible solutions to spark the love again.


  • Work on Intimacy

If you’re married, you can both decide to stay out of social media for a week, and reduce your exposure to TVs, Phones, and other activities to spend more time together.

Put a small love letter or poem in his jacket pocket, say goodbye to him/her with a kiss, tell him/her what you love about him/her, and avoid arguments and fights.

The chance that this will improve the intimacy between you and your partner is high.


  • Let newness work for you

Changes are important in a relationship, you should not be the same person for years, try to offer new things, and improve on yourself.

Find new loving activities to do together – it may be a game, a new hobby, a visit to a park, an excursion, or anything to get you closer again and share new memories.


  • Maintain your friendship with others

Your partner shouldn’t be the only person in your life even when you’re married, maintain a friendship with your family members, and friends.

Meet up with friends and family regularly and have great times with them.

If you don’t have many social relationships, find ways to make new friends.


  • Learn to Appreciate being alone

Loneliness is a feeling that comes from within you, therefore, it is only logical to look for the solution yourself.

If there are serious problems in your relationship, you should address them. But it can also be an important point to question how you deal with being alone.

With a change of thought, you can manage the negative feeling of being alone and appreciate being alone. You can even explore this opportunity to improve yourself.