should pubic hair be groomed or not?

Growing Pubic Hair or Shaving it

Both male and female adults have hair in their private parts (pubes), and it’s one of the signs of adulthood.

When it comes to growing or shaving the hair in your pubes, people have preferences, and most times, they’re influenced by tribe, culture, religion, and education.

From time unknown, the hair in the private parts has always attracted the opposite sex, but is it still important in this modern time?

While there is the importance of pubic hair in males and females, it also has its disadvantages.

  • Should you now shave the hair in your private part? how low should it go?
  • Is it healthy to shave pubic hair as a male or female?
  • Are there benefits of not shaving or shaving your pubic hair?

should pubic hair be groomed or not?

Benefits of Not Shaving the Pubic Hair

From the time past and even till today, pubic hair serves as protection against cold, heat, dust, or pathogens and acts as a kind of “air conditioning” to our private parts.

It serves as a protection against infection, especially bacterial and fungal infections.

Pubic hair prevents irritation and bruises since the skin around the private part is flexible.

The density of the pubic hair also helps to diffuse pheromones (the odor from our private parts)

While it’s not best to shave your pubes, how long and how much you should shave before sex depends on how hairy you’re

The days to wait before sex after shaving also depends on how low your cut is, just avoid irritation down thereafter shaving by not making it too low.


Pubic Hair and Sexuality

Women are fond shaving, trimming, or waxing their pubic hair to be attractive to males, show their body hygiene, and improve their self-esteem.

However, hair in the pubes is a symbol of fertility in both men and women in a different cultures.

In Japan, for example, pubic hair symbolizes femininity and fertility, and Japanese women love to keep their pubic hair.

Today, women can even buy hair extensions and wigs for pubic hair, even with this, some women prefer grooming their pubic hair.

But does grooming your pubes proves all this? the answer is relative. While some men want their girlfriend or wife to maintain a clean shave, others prefer low cut, and some don’t it to be groomed.

Some men even want their wives to shave before their wedding night, however, there are benefits of pubic hair to our sexuality.

Our pubic hair increases our sensation due to the hair density and the nerve endings at the base of the hair follicle.

Also, our pubic hair reduces friction during sexual intercourse and can prevent injury on our delicate skin around the genitals.

Disadvantages of Shaving Pubes

While grooming your pubes can boost your self-confidence, makes you feel good about your body, and makes your man want to go down there with you, there are risks associated with removing your pubic hair.

It can cause severe skin irritation, and you can have a cut from the act and this small wound can become infected with staphylococci.

Small injuries around your genitals can be a trigger for genital warts.

It is common among women that pubic hair can be a trigger for STDs, however, shaving your hair can trigger infection than when you have hair.


Pubic hair, Sexuality, and Age

Grooming pubic hair is not much easy in the time past, and possibly one of the reasons people grow their pubic hair.

Pubic hair is no longer popular these days, and this applies to both women and men possibly because there are now more grooming methods available than before.

Many teenagers and young adults, in particular, do not find pubic hair attractive and prefer a shaved pubic area to be more hygienic and easier to care for.

There are also more grooming devices, creams, and chemicals for healthy use than before.



The pubic hair can be shaved, trimmed, waxed, waxed, or colored. This has led to several trends that enhance the pubic area.

Pubes hairstyles are now very popular, and there are now different grooming methods, products, and styles.

Regardless of whether you and your partner want pubic hair to be groomed or not, whatever pleases you both are fine.

However, you should strike a balance between your sexual life, health, and interests.