How sexuality affects seniors

Sexuality in Old Age

Getting old doesn’t make people fall out of love, and don’t get surprised that at 50, 60, 70 years old men and women still share intimacy and love but they don’t show it openly.

Do you wonder the age a woman or man stops being sexually active?

Women stop getting wet after their menopause, and libido is also reduced during this period, however, women still get sexually active after 50 years of age, especially when their men are still active in bed.

Men, however still get active at 70 years of age and can still have sex regularly, although erection is not that strong compared to adulthood.


Benefits of Sex in Old Age

While postmenopausal women with genital dryness can feel pain during sex, this condition can be corrected and both male and female seniors can enjoy sex.

Sexuality in old has the following health benefits for seniors.

  • It has positive effects, life-improving and prolonging effects on them.
  • It can increase their vitality
  • It can help to improve both mental and physical health
  • Sex can also help to burn excess fat naturally and prevent obesity,
  • Anxiety can also be reduced with sex because the brain releases endorphins after sex
  • It can help to increase their lifespan.
  • It also helps to strengthen the love bond

How sexuality affects seniors

The talk about the Sexuality of Aged people

It may be difficult to know how often 60 or 70+-year-old people make love since society doesn’t speak in support of sexuality in old age because sexuality in old age is no longer as exciting as in youth.

Sexual intercourse is no longer the main drive for intimacy but rather the massage, kiss, and romance.

In addition, there are completely natural factors that limit sexuality in old age, such as changes in the body or living conditions and the increase in diseases.

Women, in particular, are more likely to deny sexuality in old age than men – we often see prominent older men with significantly younger women and do not find this abnormal.


Sexual challenges of the Aged

Women live longer than men, and in their old age, they no longer have a partner to explore and enjoy sex with.

It is often difficult for aged women to get involved in a fresh romantic relationship after they’ve lost their husbands.

Also, the ability to orgasm is drastically reduced in old age but this, aged men and women can still enjoy their sexual lives.


Health issues and Sex

With increasing age, there are changes in the body, the joints and bones become more susceptible to stress, hair and skin become thinner and the internal organs no longer function like those of a 25-year-old.

Some of the physical changes affect women in the following ways.

The level of estrogen in the body decreases after menopause

The mucous membrane of the vagina becomes less elastic and is no longer as moist and this can lead to injuries during sexual intercourse.

Men need more stimulation to get an erection, and the penis doesn’t get quite as erected as before.

In addition, there is a decrease in libido in both women and men, however, age-related diseases such as diabetes for example also lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

Also, atherosclerosis can lead to the problem of erection.

Operations in the pelvic area, especially on the uterus of women or the prostate in men, can lead to nerve injuries and thus disrupt sexual sensation and the ability to erect.

Another problem is bladder weakness – a urinary problem, which can occur in both women and men.

Of course, since it is not easy to talk about it, even with a doctor, sexual interest can be seriously reduced and the person concerned can become depressed.



Sexuality in old age is not an issue the world is talking about, but it is quite normal and healthy.

Sex in old age extends life, improves the quality of life, and generally strengthens the immune system.

Of course, sexual behavior and acts change, but sex should not be forbidden in old age.

Changes in health are also normal in old age, but with empathy and good patient-to-doctor conversation, many things can be brought under control and sex can continue to be enjoyed with pleasure.