Is sex safe during pregnancy, this is what you should know

Sex and Pregnancy

Loss of affection during pregnancy is common in both men and pregnant women but it’s nothing to do with the safety of the fetus.

While some pregnant women are not interested in their husbands, some husbands too are sexually frustrated and it can be vice versa.

Horniness is an early sign of pregnancy or period in some women, and some men love to explore new positions when their wives are pregnant.

Let me also clarifyfy this fact that low libido during pregnancy is not related to the gender of your baby.


Sexual Desires during Pregnancy

The sexual desire of pregnant women varies – while some pregnant women have less sexual desire due to fear or hormonal changes in the body, some have increased sexual desire.

Hormone imbalance during pregnancy can lead to discomfort, and even the husband can become sexually inactive because of the low interest shown by the wife.

Therefore, you should treat each other with love and spice things up in the bedroom while pregnant.

Help your wife to understand that nothing happens when a man sleeps with a pregnant woman, and find out the best positions for a pregnant woman and explore them together.

There are also more benefits of sex during pregnancy than possible disadvantages.

You can even try oral sex sometimes, it’s good as long as you don’t have a sore in your mouth or throat and both partners do not have STDs.

Is sex safe during pregnancy, this is what you should know

Is Sex like it was before Pregnancy?

This is relative. The woman’s genitals are swollen due to the better blood flow to the pelvic floor, and they can be more sensitive.

Some women experience orgasm more intensely, while others can feel uncomfortable after sex, especially in the pelvic and legs.

Sometimes, sexual intercourse is painful in itself because the vulva is swollen and penetration can be painful and hurtful.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, women may experience uterine contractions during intercourse or after orgasm, which feel like labor but it does not result in premature birth.

One of the benefits of sex and sperm during pregnancy is that semen contains prostaglandins, which help in cervix opening, especially in the third trimester.


Is libido the same throughout the pregnancy period?

Again, you can’t answer yes or no to female libido during pregnancy. Some women feel sexier while developing a low interest in sexual activities.

Since men also react differently, some have more desire, some less, especially towards the end of the pregnancy.

Men also worry about the baby’s health, which often interferes with sexual urges.


Is your Fetus Safe During Sex?

Some women that get pregnant for the first time often wonder if romance is good or bad during pregnancy or if foreplay is safe during pregnancy, it sounds lame but it’s the fact.

Sex is safe and ok while you’re pregnant you can have sex every day and anytime, there’s no normal or best time, however, you should be aware of the safe sex position during pregnancy.

Your baby is not hurt during sex, not even when your husband is on top. The baby may shake after when you climax or during activities but not because it’s in pain.

However, you should also visit your doctor regularly and follow the instructions that are given to you.

If the position of the fetus and the healthares not good enough, your doctor will advise you to avoid anything, including sex activities that can trigger more complications.

However, your baby is well protected in your womb, and neither your movements nor sperm can harm the fetus.

After the orgasm, contractions in the uterus may occur, but these will relax quickly, it does not lead to premature birth.


Safe Sex Positions in Pregnancy

Since the baby bump can affect the comfort of a pregnant woman during sexual intercourse, it is advisable to explore positions that are comfortable for both the pregnant woman and the fetus.

The man staying on top (missionary) is not in a position to be encouraged, most females feel very uncomfortable with this.

The following positions or their variations are safe for your pregnant wife.


  • Lateral position

This position is best suited. A woman can lie on the edge of the bed and a man can penetrate his partner while standing or kneeling.

  • Spoon position

Here both lie on their side, the penis can penetrate less deeply, which is more comfortable for the woman in the third trimester when the baby bump is big.

  • Woman up or in the sitting position

A woman can also lie on top or in the sitting position (on a chair) on the partner’s lap to control the thrusts of the penis.

In any case, it should be fun, and you can add a twist to these positions and enjoy it.


Oral Sex During Pregnancy

Some couples would like to explore oral sex during pregnancy to spice things up but are not sure if this is safe for the baby.

Kindly note that sperm do not travel much while you’re pregnant so don’t bother where sperm go during pregnancy as most of it will come out of the vagina.

Also, the fetus is well protected by the placenta and amniotic sac and they control what goes in and out of the fetus.

Also, if you drink sperm, you will not get pregnant even if you are on your period, and it does not go to your baby if you swallow semen while you’re pregnant.



If the course of pregnancy is normal and the baby is developing well in your uterus, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex during pregnancy.

It can be very fulfilling for both partners to have sex during pregnancy and it helps to strengthen the love bond.

Not every woman feels horny while pregnant, same with men, therefore both partners have to work things out themselves.