Having sex while breastfeeding

Sexuality while Breastfeeding

People expect the women’s body to go back to the state before pregnancy after childbirth, also in terms of libido and sexual life but it doesn’t work just like that.

Childbirth changes a lot about a woman’s life and sex especially when the woman’s body is still under stress.

Breastfeeding can make you dry down there during sex, and painful sex while breastfeeding is a common experience for most nursing mothers.

Let’s talk about sex while breastfeeding, and some challenges both husband and wife face during this period.

Having sex while breastfeeding

Much Focus on the Baby

Most parents focus on their baby more after childbirth, it’s natural, especially when you’re just had your first baby.

For breastfeeding mothers, the attention they give to their little darling is much that some women don’t even care about their husbands, and attend to sexual demands.

Breastfeeding mothers experience a completely new body feeling, and their self-confidence can also be strengthened with the new baby.

You have to put your desires on hold for some time since breastfeeding problems alone can make your wife lose her sexual vibe.

But that doesn’t mean that having a baby and a nursing mother can’t make a love relationship, marriage or sexual life fly again.


You’re not in the Mood for Sex

The female sex hormone (estrogen) level is low while breastfeeding, therefore, breastfeeding mothers have low libido, and will likely turn down sex demand from husband.

When the woman starts menstruating again, and the baby has been weaned, then the sexual life is restored properly.

However, some women complain, even if they do want sex while breastfeeding, that the vagina is not wet enough to have pleasurable sex.

You can try the following tips

  • Use sex lubricant to make dry vagina wet.
  • Spend more time on foreplay before sex
  • Try different sex position

Also, if vagina sex is painful or you’re not just comfortable with it, you can offer oral sex to your man, and if you swallow sperm during the act, there’s no problem at all, you’re safe.

However, women should never give up sex while breastfeeding if they feel like it, however, hormonal fluctuations during orgasm may trigger a milk ejection reflex, which can be perceived as annoying.

Otherwise, the breasts can of course be stimulated in the lovemaking process, which may not really be comfortable with all women.

The husband can feel neglected due to the low sex drive of the breastfeeding mother and stress, and great burdens for the marriage are inevitable.

It is important to talk about your feelings and to let your husband feel the love and affection.

You should also explain to him that the desire for sex is simply not there at the moment due to the after-effects of childbirth and breastfeeding since most men do not understand this.


FAQs about Sexual life while Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Many women often ask us if they can get pregnant while breastfeeding since most women do not menstruate while breastfeeding.

It is very possible, you can get pregnant while breastfeeding, and there’s no effect of sperm during breatfeeding.

Also, having sex while breastfeeding does not in any way affects your baby.

If you also feel like having sex with different guys while breastfeeding, there’s no side effects as long as you’ve he right to do that, and you’re not exposing yourself to STDs.

Unexpected pregnancy while breastfeeding, however, can affect milk production, and you may be forced to wean your baby earlier than you might’ve planned.


Birth Control while Breastfeeding

Women can get pregnant while breastfeeding, so early birth control may be important for most nursing mothers.

During pregnancy, you had to worry about the issue of contraception. But what about the breastfeeding period?

Can a woman get pregnant soon after giving birth?

The old wives’ tale that pregnancy is not possible while breastfeeding is a fairy tale.

The hormone prolactin ensures that breast milk can form in the mammary glands and at the same time this hormone reduces the activity in the ovaries – but that does not mean that an egg cannot be fertilized.

To prevent this, contraceptives should be used. The following methods are suitable for breastfeeding.

  • Condoms
  • The IUD (only recommended about six months after the birth).
  • Progestin-free preparations such as the minipill or the three-month injection.
  • Estrogen-free pills are particularly well tolerated.
  • The usual combination pill should not be taken, as this preparation can affect breast milk and change the composition of the milk. Furthermore, milk production is reduced.
  • In addition to the condom, a diaphragm can also be used. However, this must be adjusted by the gynecologist.
  • The first menstrual period usually occurs around the 30th week after the birth.
  • If you do not breastfeed, your period will start earlier, around the 6th to 10th week after the birth.



Some women do not lose their sex drive as much as others after childbirth but the care for the new baby can be stressful for the mother and contribute to low libido.

If you discuss your challenges, then you can help each other in terms of stress management and spark your sex life.

You should also not satisfy your intimacy for the baby care as you can continue to enjoy your sex life while giving the optimum care for your little darling.

It is important to ensure that your woman does not suffer from postnatal depression and that help is sought in good time.