Variations of doggy sex position

Dirty Turtle Sex Position

The dirty turtle sex position is a variation of the doggy sex position, and a yoga posess that a woman can exercise to rock her clitoris and also do exercise for flexibility at the same time.

The doggy style is a popular sex position, but it’s not suitable or enjoyed by both partners in some situations such as in second or third trimester of pregnancy.

However, you can spice things up with some modifications, and here comes the turtle sex position.

The dirty turtle sex position is similar to the flat, collapsed, or downward doggy sex position, and it’s one of the best doggy style variations.

The turtle sex position also has variations such as the sideways turtle sex position, the crunched turtle sex position, the 3-eyed turtle sex position, and the sideways crunched turtle sex position.

It is a similar position to the basset hound, the teaspoonful, and the doggy sex position.

How to try sideway and crunched Turtle sex postion



Why is this Doggy style variation called the Dirty Turtle Sex Position?

The doggy sex position mimics the sex position of a standing female dog, and the male dog stretches its forelegs on the bitch while copulation.

For turtles, while the male turtle takes the position of the male dog, and raises its body, the female turtle remains low and close to the ground, taking the normal standing position.

In the dirty turtle sex position, the female first takes the cow yoga position (Bitilasana) by resting on her knees, with the palm on the bed,, and raising the butt. Then, she leans her body and hands forward to take the child’s pose (Balasana).

How to try sideway and crunched Turtle sex postion

How to do the Dirty Turtle Sex Position?

You don’t have to get bored with the regular doggy sex position, especially if you only explore it on the bed without trying it out in other places such as a table or couch.

Turtle sex style requires flexibility, as you would first rest on your knees, lower your body down, and buttock on the back of your ankle while you lean forward.

Your knees can be wide apart while your man behind you closes his knees or you close your knees while your man’s knees are wide apart.

The butt and the ankle of the female should form between 12° to 18° to enable the man to slide his cock and hit the clitoris repeatedly.

The woman can also rock the dick to hit the clitoris back and forth by moving the butt up and down.

The dirty turtle sex position can also be performed on the edge of the bed or table. When it’s performed on the table, the man can maintain a standing position and hold the butt of the woman while thrusting.

Variations of doggy sex position

Who is the Turtle Sex Position good for?

The dirty turtle sex style is good for a woman that does not wants to be active in love-making but rather wants the man to be fully active.

The turtle sex position can keep the woman submissive, and the man aggressive during sex.

This sex position can be explored by old couples, and they can lower the intensity of the bout.

It’s also good for women that are shy to look into the eyes of their men or don’t want intimacy since both partners would be facing down.

Turtle sex position can also make some men last long since some women don’t cum easily on the doggie style since you can slow down, rest and delay orgasm better than when in any lying position.

You can try kinky sex and bondage sex with the turtle sex position if both of you like it.

You can also push against your man’s dick, raise or lower his upper body, and control his angle and depth of penetration.



The turtle sex style is not a popular sexual position, however, it offers deep penetration and sexual sensation for the woman irrespective of the size and girth of the partner’s penis.

When the woman’s knees are close together, the vagina becomes more shallow, and a medium-sized dick can go deeper and hit the clitoris easily, and trigger a clitoral orgasm for the woman.