the Star crossed sex position

What is The Star Crossed Lovers Sex Position?

The star-crossed lover’s sex style is one of the sexual poses that can increase intimacy between lovers and guarantee Gräfenberg spot (G-spot) orgasm in females.

The upper wall of the vagina where the peri glandular or paraurethral tissue is located can provide high sexual sensations when rubbed repeatedly, and not all sex positions can help the man to hit this spot correctly.

In the star-crossed lovers’ sex position, the woman lies flat on her back on a soft or hard surface, but preferably a soft surface like a bed crosses her legs and brings them up to her chest.

The man kneels not too close to her woman, and the knees not too close together or wide apart, leans forward a bit, and slides his cock into the vagina.

the Star crossed sex position

How to Enjoy the Star-Crossed Lovers Sex Position?

Both partners should be fit for this workout-driven sex position or have a light exercise before trying it.

This sex position is not ideal for pregnant women and old couples to explore.

It’s advisable to try it on a soft surface so the back doesn’t hurt the woman, but the surface should be a bit firm.

There should be enough foreplay since this position can not be taken for a long period. It usually lasts about 10 minutes.

The woman should hold her feet to maintain balance once the man penetrates.

The man should massage her woman with the free hand while he thrusts slowly in the beginning, and later use it as support while he hit her harder with his cock.

The butt is already raised, and the vagina has become shallow as she crossed her leg, enabling an average penis to hit the vaginal wall and the G-spot hit correctly and getting mates to reach orgasm better.


Who is the Star Crossed Lovers Sex Position Good for?

The star-crossed lover’s sex position is good for tall women with a deep vagina, who prefers shallow penetration.

Star crossed is also good for women that are not comfortable with big dick penetration as the man would not be able to lie on the woman penetrating deep into the vagina.

This sex position is good for both partners to enjoy sexual pleasure and work out at the same time.

The star-crossed lovers’ sex position requires flexibility and arm strength since you’re going to need arm support.

This position is good for partners that love to have quickies that are a bit rough and can get you exhausted because your arms, chest, back, shoulder, pelvis, and glutes would be exercised.