Ballet or Ballerina dancer sex posion

What is the Ballet Dancer’s Sex Position?

Not many couples had tried a standing sex position in their sex life, and some that do, do it once or a couple of times without having ecstasy.

The ballet dancer sex position is a face-on standing sex position that promotes intimacy between lovers since you can watch each other reacting to the sensations, and you can try it without any furniture, and to change your game.

This sex position requires flexibility from the female but it’s not difficult to try and can be mind-blowing.

If your woman can not raise her leg for a long period, she can rest it on a stool sometimes to relax it.

It is well performed while taking a shower with your partner, and to improve stability, the woman can rest on the wall of the bathroom.

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However, this sex style should not be practised by pregnant women as it won’t be comfortable for them.

Ballet or Ballerina dancer sex posion

How to try the Ballet Dancer Sex Position?

To take the ballet dancer’s sex position, both partners are in a standing position facing each other, the woman hooks one leg around the man’s waist, typically above the man’s glutes to open her vagina.

The man then moves the leg facing the woman’s hooked leg forward a bit into the space between the woman’s legs and wraps one arm around the woman and the second to give support to the leg.

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The woman raises her head back while holding the man around his shoulder, and the man leans forward on her while he slides his cock into the vagina.

Both partners can determine the angle of penetration by the degree of raising the woman’s leg, up to the shoulder of the man for deep penetration.


Who’s the Ballet Dancer Sex Position Good for?

The ballet dancer’s sex position works for partners with similar height or leg length and the pelvis can come in contact.

It’s good if you want to enjoy sex and work out your body at the same time. The ballet dancer is amazing for leg workouts for both partners.

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A ballet dancer is good if you want dual stimulations, and in practice, most couples like to use vibrators and lubricants to make it more fun.

The man can massage the vagina, clitoris, and anus with a hand or vibrator while in action.



Ballet dancer sex position requires great patience if you’re starting to explore standing sex positions.

However, the style is adaptable, and you can use stool, wall, and shower rails as support.

You can also use sex swings, wands, dildos, and massagers to increase sexual pleasure.

Ballet dancer sex can be difficult for old couples that suffer joint pains or can’t withstand the rigour of this position.