Question and answers on safe sex during pregnancy

Sex and Pregnancy

Hormonal changes and other things can make a woman have low libido during pregnancy, yet, it is good to have sex while pregnant.

Sex while pregnant is not just okay, there are benefits of sex during pregnancy but many pregnant women often have the fear of sex.

Nothing happens if you have protected or unprotected sex while pregnant, and it’s not bad if you can have sex every day, nothing is too much here but there are safety tips you should understand.


Sex during Pregnancy

Question and answers on safe sex during pregnancy

Safety first while Pregnant

Yes, you can have sex during pregnancy, from the first month to the last month of your pregnancy but you should take safety first before pleasure.

It’s the fear of harming the baby during intercourse that keeps many couples from having sex during pregnancy.

Don’t worry, regardless of the depth of penetration, whether your husband releases sperm into you or not, it won’t harm your baby.

Your baby is well protected by the amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles, and the amniotic fluid absorbs the strong kicks.

The gateway into the womb is also protected by a mucous plug at the entrance of the cervix, which also prevents bacteria and sperm from getting inside.

Sometimes, you may notice that the baby begins to move more actively during the intercourse, but it happens because of the rapid heartbeat, and not because you disturb him.

There are many stories and myths about sex leading to premature birth.

The truth is that you can make love every day during all nine months of pregnancy, and it won’t affect the due date if the pregnancy has no complications.

However, there are some contraindications to having sex. That’s why you should consult your doctor before you decide to have sex or not.


These are the circumstances

Placenta previa

  • Unexplained discharge or bleeding
  • Cramps
  • A dilated cervix
  • Premature dilatation of the cervix

Also, there are cases when it’s necessary to limit sex for a while, such as the first trimester, if there was a history of miscarriage.

Within the last 2 or even 3 months, if there was a history of premature birth.

In the last 3 months, when having multiple pregnancies.

It’s necessary to stop having sex if the water has broken or the mucous plug has come off.

After all, these are uterus protection, and as they are gone, the baby can be exposed to infections.

If during or after the intercourse you notice any symptoms, such as pain or discharge, then you should stop it and see your doctor.


Sex position

At the beginning of pregnancy, sex is practically no different from when you weren’t pregnant yet.

But as the belly grows, the usual positions can make you awkward and bring discomfort.

But don’t give up on making love, just try the sex-while-pregnant positions.

Here are some comfortable positions that are most pleasant during pregnancy.


  • Woman on top

If you are on top, you can control the pressure of your partner on your belly and the depth of penetration.

  • On the side

You lie on your side, turning your back to your partner. The pose helps you control the pressure on the abdomen and the depth of penetration.

The main part is that the partner shouldn’t put his hand on your belly. In later stages, this position is the most preferable.


  • On the knees

You lean on your knees and hands, and your partner is behind you. It’s a comfortable posture that eliminates the back muscles overload.

The future dad shouldn’t get carried away and increase the rhythm, should be gentle and more careful.


  • On the lap of a partner

When the partner is sitting, sit on his lap (with your back facing him). it is convenient to control the depth of penetration, but in the sitting position, the load on the back muscles increases. Try it, be creative and have fun.


Anal Sex during Pregnancy

Does anal sex help during pregnancy? No, experts recommend avoiding anal sex during pregnancy, because in combination with vaginal intercourse, the risk of harmful microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria entering the vagina increases.

Besides, anal sex during pregnancy can cause physical harm, which can lead to miscarriage in the early stages.


Oral Sex during Pregnancy

Is oral sex bad, dangerous, or okay during pregnancy? Yes, it’s possible to have oral sex and it’s safe during pregnancy.

Is oral sex totally safe or there are side effects? To play safe, make sure that your partner does not blow air into your vagina, as it could lead to blood vessel blockage, especially in the 3rd trimester and this could be extremely dangerous for the mother and the baby.

Also, before oral sex, your partner needs to be tested in advance to exclude all possible sexually transmitted diseases.

This is how to do oral sex during pregnancy to avoid any side effect.


Swallowing semen while Pregnant

Many women are interested in this delicate issue and wonder what happens if they swallow sperm while pegnant

If your partner is completely healthy, then his semen shouldn’t contain any disease-causing or harmful bacteria.

Morever,sperm is not harmful to the gastrointestinal tract, as it’s being neutralized by gastric acid.

So, swallowing sperm doesn’t lead to any danger or benefits for the unborn child.

However, the partner needs to be tested for possible sexually transmitted diseases.


Using Vibrator while Pregnant

Pregnant women who want sex but the husband is not readily available often wonder if vibrator could hurt their baby during pregnancy or cause miscarriage.

During pregnancy, if there are no complications, the use of a vibrator is completely safe.

The vibrator can be used both alone with yourself and with a partner, due to the clumsiness and inability to have sex in your favourite positions.

However, before using it, kindly adhere to the following safety tips.

  • Make sure the vibrator is clean, and after using, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water or using special cleaning agents.
  • Also, never let anyone use your vibrator and don’t take someone else’s.
  • Always use a hypoallergenic lubricant that is free of fragrances, flavours and other chemicals.
  • Don’t immerse the vibrator too deep in the vagina, use small toys, it’s better to focus on the clitoris.

You should keep in mind that most vibrators are much harder than a penis, so you should avoid sudden vigorous movements so that you wont damage the mucous membrane and cause increased pressure on the cervix.

In the late stages of pregnancy, you should stop using toys, especially if there are contraindications, such as

  1. A threat of miscarriage or premature birth
  2. Placenta previa or its low position
  3. If orgasm is contraindicated
  4. Infections