Why relationships fail and tips to solve them

I was asked in a marriage seminar recently, to discuss the 5 reasons relationships and marriages fail, and I ended with more than 20 reasons people break up their relationships.

Today, I would love to talk about the top reasons why relationships fail and how to talk about your relationship problems with your partner.

The scope of this article is limited to social behavior, and not financial, spiritual, education, or other related factors.


Habits that Destroy Relationships and Marriages

The top causes of relationship problems in the last 5 years are domestic issues, and here are some of the triggers alongside the tips to solve the related problems.

Why relationships fail and tips to solve them

Keeping Secrets from your Partner

Don’t keep secrets in a relationship – This is one of the rules of a successful marriage, and it also applies to a romantic relationship but with exceptions.

Once you’re married and living together with your partner, then it’s not okay to keep secrets from your partner unless it’s confidential and related to maybe a third partner.

Also, it’s better to discuss your past life with your partner before you even say “I do”, that’s the best time.

If you start keeping secrets because you’re afraid of telling the truth to your partner will cause a break-up, then, you’re about to complicate the issue.

You should not interchange secrets for surprises here. You can plan a surprise for your partner and keep it a secret till you unfold it.



I’m sure you’re not surprised by this social behavior as a cause of problems in a relationship. Nagging is common to women, but some men nag as well.

Nagging is an indication of a problem or dissatisfaction. Nagging can be constructive or destructive depending on the individual.

A person that nags is not okay with something in the relationship and complains about it, it happens when one could not tolerate it or hold it to oneself.

Constructive nagging is when one complains about an issue and proposes solutions to it, rather than just talking about it all the time.



Aggression is also one of the major causes of relationship problems.

While men are usually more aggressive in conversation with their female partners, women should learn to calm their men during arguments.

Aggressive women are less likely to grow a romantic relationship because their aggression can lead to conflict easily.

Both partners should also work on controlling their temperaments for them to stay happy together for a long time.


Jealousy and lies in a relationship

Jealousy, insecurity, and lies are also some of the major causes of problems in a love relationship.

They are habits of both husbands and wives that destroy marriage.

The root cause of jealousy is the lack of trust in your partner, which could develop into insecurity.

Jealousy can also develop when you’re going through a tough time, and your partner is doing well with his/her life.

Jealousy can also develop if your husband or wife is not giving you the needed attention.

Keeping secrets can lead to telling lies and the effects of lying in a relationship are lack of trust, loss of interest, insecurity, violence, etc.

Therefore, you should stop lying and unnecessary jealousy in your relationship or marriage.


The fear of change in a relationship

You shouldn’t expect anyone to stay the same for years, change is constant in life.

Your partner changes over time, learn, and unlearn as he/she gains more experience in life.

Some of the changes in your partner can be a blessing or a problem to you.

All you need do is to talk about how you can go through this time of change together and tolerate each other.

Also, don’t be scared to move forward in a relationship, make your partner understand that career change, hobbies, interest are part of life.

The more your partner understands you, the better you’re able to get over your fear in the relationship.

It is important to be open to new things, find opportunities, and above all, support each other wherever possible.