Morning sex and its advantages for couples

Morning Sex

Sex is important to most men and women in a love relationship or marriage, and the benefits can not be overemphasized.

Generally, most couples enjoy sex in night or midnight, but there’s no best time for sex, there are only best moments.

There’s also no best time for sex to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, but should you now have more sex in the morning or at night?

Morning sex works great, and there are facts and figures about this. There are many benefits to having sex in the morning before your daily routine.

At this time of the day, your body is much more relaxed than after a long, stressful day at work.

Well, let’s look into some of the advantages of making love to your partner in the morning.

Morning sex and its advantages for couples

Benefits of Morning Sex

It’s the Best Free time

When you wake early in the morning, your head is still free, and not many thoughts come into mind.

You look relaxed, and getting from sleep mode to the feeling of pleasure can set your day on a strong note.

When you have sex in the morning, you’d have time to explore it and make the best out of it.



Sex in the morning enhances the naturalness in you. Your teeth are not brushed yet, and the hair is disheveled, the body smells natural, no perfume and everything is just as real as you’re.

Many men and women also like to see their partner as they’re, no makeup or any enhancement, not even dress, it makes it awesome.

In the morning, you’re naked and natural, without make-up, and with ‘half-open eyes’ and an erotic look.

The lack of perfume and aftershave has other benefits. The normal smells of the skin are much more stimulating than artificial substances.


Good Mood

Early morning sex also enhances your mood, especially if arousal is followed by an orgasm.

The body is flooded with the happiness hormone – oxytocin. The hormone creates feelings like love, happiness, and desire.

In the morning, the sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are also high in both females and male respectively and libido will be high in the morning.

The psychological and also social connection, however, should be in place for the morning sex to be awesome.

The chemistry between the partners has to be right to stimulate feelings like love.


Feelings of Happiness

Not only kisses but sex also stimulates the production of the endorphin known as the happiness hormone.

The effect lasts for 24 hours. Those who have sex in the morning benefit from it all day.


Health benefits

Morning sex also has a positive effect on the muscles and heart. The circulatory system and the nervous system are also stimulated.


It enhances your fitness

Sex is a form of exercise and exercise is best done in the morning, so morning sex can help you to improve your fitness level.

Also, having sex in the morning means the stress of the day has not yet kicked in and the effects are not felt unlike when you have sex in the evening or at night.

The result is more passionate, enjoyable, and fulfilling sex with unforgettable experiences.

Early morning sex also improves your mood and puts you in a good mood for the day.


It could be an Anti-aging dose

Women in particular have another advantage. The release of estrogen, the female sex hormone has positive effects on their skin and hair and can make them look better.


It enhances stability

Not only do women benefit from morning sex, but men also benefit from it.

The concentration of testosterone, the male hormone, is 25 percent higher in the morning than in the evening.

This factor has an extremely positive effect on stability. And who doesn’t want them?

The high concentration of both the male and female sex hormones makes sex in the morning better than in the evening if you’re having a problem with fertility.


You can feel your partner better

Incidentally, the spoon position is best suited for morning sex. Many people sleep in this position.

A little movement is required to start making love. When the man puts his arm around his partner, the love game can begin.


Energy for the day

Starting the day full of energy is a child’s play after morning sex. If you have the right start to the day, your time at work or other forms of everyday life will be much easier and, above all, more satisfied.


You’ve got the full power

No fatigue – After eight hours of sleep, you have recharged your batteries and can devote yourself to your partner instead of having sex in the evening with your eyes closed, brain overstressed and muscles weakened.