Tips to care for summer babies

When it comes to childbirth, some mothers prefer the winter season while others want to deliver during the summer months.

Most mothers, however, prefer summer since they can have more time outdoor and can offer the baby fresh air and get him/her exposed to nature.

However, the problem here is how to keep your baby cool in hot weather.

Keeping newborn baby cool in summer, and protecting her from sun and heat is very important.


What is a Summer baby?

If your baby is born in summer, it is often referred to as a summer baby. The summer months are between spring and fall, usually from June to September.

Regardless of whether it is a premature baby, normal baby, or postmature baby when your baby is young, his immune system is not fully developed and requires special attention and care, especially in extremely hot temperatures such as in summer.

Tips to care for summer babies

How to Care for Summer Babies?

If you have childbirth in summer, bathing your baby twice a day, keeping your baby cool at night by improving ventilation, and providing safe sunscreen for babies in the afternoon are some of the things you’d have to do.


How to keep baby cool at night in summer

Babies need a lot of sleep, especially in the first few months, and in the summer, it can be difficult for babies to sleep comfortably when it is too hot.

It is therefore important to keep the rooms in which the baby is to sleep as comfortable as possible.

Rooms on the ground floor are best suited, if possible, and rooms under the roof should be avoided because of heat.

During the day, the room should be kept as dark as possible so that no heat can build up.

You should close every door and window when leaving in the morning to keep it cool till you return.

At night when it’s hot, adults can switch on the air conditioner, but you should be careful if you have a newborn baby.

AC can put a strain on the newborn, the fast change in temperature and cold air can cause problems, therefore, the baby’s ear, nose, and head should be protected.


How to keep baby cool during the day in summer

When the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius, it’s already too hot for the baby to sleep, and you can bathe your baby to keep the temperature cool with him.

You can also take your baby out swimming in your pool if he’s at least 3 months. You should, however, not expose your baby to a water source that’s not treated often.

Also, the more your baby has grown, the better, since newborns can be easily exposed to germs and bacteria in water which can cause ill effects in them.

When it’s 78 degrees celsius, your baby will be hot to touch and you can undress the little darling if you’re indoors.

On hot summer days, it is best to dress the summer baby in light clothing. Proper summer clothing is important for the baby.

If you spend more time outdoors, you can get safe sunscreen for babies under 6 months or 12 months as required.

Even with enough shade and a sun hat, your baby can still be further protected with sunscreen.

You should use baby cream with high sun protection for your baby, your midwife or pediatrician will recommend this.

The best sunscreen for babies with or without eczema should be made with zinc oxide or titanium oxide technoloan, and SPF of 50 that will offer UVA and UVB protection for your baby.

Sunburn should be avoided at all costs because early skin burn can increase the risk of developing cancer later in life.


When your Baby is thirsty

Like every individual, we get hot and dehydrated in summer than in winter, hence, we get thirsty easily.

Same for breastfeeding babies, they get thirsty when it’s hot and can make them cry since they’re not able to express their feelings.

As a nursing mother, you need to breastfeed your baby more than before.

It is also important that you eat well and drink more regularly and enough to get hydrated and have enough fluid in the body and be able to breastfeed your baby.

If you no longer breastfeed your baby but rather give formula, you can give the child water from time to time.

Breast milk is not compulsory to keep the baby cool, it only increases the calorie intake of your baby and greatly helps them.