Sexually incompatibility and the signs

Lack of intimacy can ruin a relationship and even marriage, and most times, a romantic relationship does not work if you’re not sexually compatible.

Couples can be simply sexually incompatibleeven if the rest seems to be a wonderful fit.

A friend, Chally once told me – My husband and I are not sexually compatible! and I wonder what it feels like to be sexually compatible with your partner.

Sometimes, it just happens that one partner could not satisfy the other partner’s sexual wants or desires.

Sex should be offered with creativity, and as your boyfriend or girlfriend advances his/her sexual life, you should advance with him or her.


How do you know you’re NOT Sexually Compatible?

When a man is sexually satisfied, he would always love when you make love to him, the same way to a woman.

However, if husband and wife are sexually incompatible, it means one partner has a greater sex drive, fantasies, skills, and tolerance than the other.

If you’re on the plus side, you should discuss your sex energies with your partner and help him or her to be more sexually compatible with you.

If you’re on the minus side, check the following signs that your partner is not happy with your sex life.

Sexually incompatibility and the signs

Signs you’re NOT Sexually Compatible

  • Your sex is not accidental

Sex between husband and wife should not be planned, and there should not be a specific time or spot you can have sex.

If you don’t seduce each other before making love, engage in romantic talk, get in the mood and have sex, it’s a sign you’re not sexually attracted and becoming incompatible.


  • You don’t have sex positions you both enjoy

Sex positions are very important in a romantic relationship. Every man and woman have sex position(s) he/she enjoys better and sex positions they flag.

However, you should have a sex position you both enjoy, otherwise, at one point during intercourseone partner is not enjoying the position and love-making.

He/she is only doing it in the position to do the partner a favor or please him/her.


  • You never get into the right rhythm

Whenever one person has the right rhythmthe other moves completely in opposite directions.

They never have the same rhythmwhich often sours the moment.


  • One is not always mentally present

In sex, both of you should be connected physically and emotionally. When one is aroused and the other is not responding to foreplay, it’s a sign the other is not mentally present and can not connect his/her positive emotions

Instead of enjoying sexhis or her thoughts wander to other topics or worries.


  • Your partner does other things simultaneously with sex

Sex should not be to just please the partner, both of you should actively participate in it.

Once a partner can afford to listen to a radio, watch TV, play with a phone, and read while having sex, it’s a sign he’s not giving his/her best.


  • You rarely orgasm

Every man can reach a climax easily if he’s healthy, but a female orgasm is a bit complex. If a man does not reach climax easily, it’s a turn-off for the man.

If you’re in a love relationship and your boyfriend can not make you reach a climax in a couple of lovemaking, it may be a sign that you’re not compatible.

However, not all men understand how to make women go crazy in bed, or to delay their orgasm till their women reach climax.

If your man or woman is good in bed, you can work things out to reach climax each time you make love.


  • You only have sex on vacation or during happy days

While both partners can be a type that does not like to have sex regularly, having sex only on days you’re not working, on vacations, or celebrating is a big red flag.

Happy days could be when one of you just won a contract, celebrating a birthday, a new car, a marriage anniversary, etc.


  • You never have lust at the same timeNever!

When you feel like having sexyour partner is “busy” and vice versa.

Perhaps you want sex every dayand once a week is enough for him.

Maybe it’s the other way aroundThe result is the same – you both do not get what you want sexually at the same time.


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