How to get a girlfriend of your choice

Getting a girlfriend has nothing much to do with your job, financial status, or handsomeness.

If you can’t get a girlfriend no matter what, you may need to work on your personality and charisma.

If you’re very shy, it may be so hard to find a girlfriend these days, women prefer men that are outspoken, bold, and lovable.

If you spend most of your time indoors, it may be impossible to find a girlfriend.

Most relationships started from a party, hangout, supermarket, eatery, and clubs.

Many women dream of meeting their future lover purely by chance in an outing.


How to find a Girlfriend easily

How to get a girlfriend of your choice
Be an open-minded and communicative person

How open and communicative are you? To find a new lover, you need to start to express how you feel about ladies you meet.

Men who love to communicate with women easily find a new lover.

It’s not magic or using a charm of love, it’s easier to make new friends when you’re open to meeting new people, getting to know them, and widening your social circle.


Make new Male friends

To find a new girlfriend in your college or anywhere, try to make new male friends and you get exposed to many of their casual female friends.

From there, you can discuss your search for a girlfriend with your male friends and some guys can even assist you to get some of their female friends hooked up with you.

Also, the more open you are to new male friends, the more you go out, and the more often you will meet new ladies that you’re attracted to or are attracted to you.


Be sincere with the type of girl you want

Do you even understand the type of girlfriend you want? Try to be sincere here and don’t vague statements like “ I want a pretty lady”, “honest and God-fearing girl”,  or “an intelligent woman”.

Hey, save me that, these are attributes that people love generally in society. Talk about your love personality, things you can tolerate or not in a relationship.

Do you want a girlfriend that smoke, gamble, club, love pet, like weird love-making, anal sex, etc?

The list is unlimited, only gives a pointer here so you can understand the personality of the potential girlfriend.

The more precisely you know which woman you are looking for, the more motivated you will be when you notice “Hey that woman over there, she could be my dream woman”.


Engage in activities you expect from your girlfriend

If you don’t want a clubbing girl, you don’t have to go clubbing to meet your dream woman, it’s as simple as that.

If you like to smoke, you can offer a cigarette to a casual female friend and get her opinion about smoking.

If you prefer a sporty lady, then visit a gym or sport recreational centers.

You should also discuss your love fantasies with your female friend so you know a girlfriend that loves what you want.

Be that girlfriend you want and you’ll easily find her, try to be real and you will be surprised how many your dream girls are out there.


Finding a girlfriend Online

Even if you’re sure, you can find a girlfriend easily on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or other social channels.

You can make girlfriends anonymously online since you can dare to speak to any lady and get to know her without stress.

Dating sites are an old way of finding a new girlfriend in the past. Even with dating scams being on the rise, guys still find their dream partners on dating sites and apps.


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