Saying no to relationship in a good way

Everyone has his/her specs when it comes to the man or woman you can start a relationship with.

That someone is attracted to you or you’re attracted to him/her doesn’t mean you can go on a date, therefore, you need to learn how to tell someone you don’t want a relationship right now, you can only be friends.

Sometimes, you and your friend may accept to fuck each other, hence you become closer and have more fun together.

You cook together, club, go to parties and hang out most of the time – you may begin to get deeper feelings for each other, right?

However, you need to tell your friend that you like him/her but don’t want a relationship.

Saying no to relationship in a good way

No Relationship!

Be serious with what you want

You find the girl sexy or the guy hot and romantic. Nevertheless, you knew from the start that you didn’t want anything serious together.

For example, he/she may be nice but your friend is the type that always complains, but you don’t mind him/her because you’re just a casual friend.

She’s lovely in a bed but always wants you by her side, can’t tolerate seeing you with female friends, can be rude and violent, you’ve got to tell her you’re not interested in a love relationship.

Of course yes, you understood this point, and when you can’t afford to start a relationship with a lady who doesn’t share common characters with you.


You don’t want a relationship, but she does

In the beginning, she tried to make you understand indirectly that she wanted more.

For example, by mentioning how great her friends’ relationships are repeatedly or that she believes in ‘sweet love’.

Sometimes she raved that one day she would get married and have a family.

You pretended not to hear these talks or understand what she’s saying but these are clear signals.

If you continue to pretend you don’t understand her points or wants, she would ask you directly if you want her or not.

Things like – We’ve been together for some time now, when will you meet my friends, family, etc?, What is it with us now? Are we in a relationship?


I don’t want a relationship – this is how you tell her

To be honest, you’ve missed the ideal moment when you could have said you didn’t want a relationship with someone but friendship.

The best time to tell a girl or guy you don’t want a relationship is when you’ve just started hanging out.

Be soft, calm, and kind with your approach, but be firm and bold as well to tell your partner you don’t really want this yet.

Don’t be too forward to making love to her/him, it pays to be honest right from the start.

Tell him/her how lovely you find yourself with him/her, the good characters, his/her charisma, and lots of other things you’re attracted to.

Hey, babe or man, I’ve carefully studied you, and I don’t believe we’re a good match for a romantic relationship.

I don’t like to play with people’s emotions, therefore, we’ve got to accept the fact that we can’t go on dating each other.

You can meet other men/women if you want, we just have to know our bounds in this relationship, and I promise to respect our indifference.

Even if you later fuck each other, you won’t be really connected or have to start a love relationship from there.

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