How to know when a man loves you

Not every guy gives physical signs that he’s in love with you but of course, there are things a man will do if he loves you.

If your boyfriend loves you so much secretly, there are odd signs he shows to prove it and he won’t get tired of showing you his love.

Are you madly in love with your partner and you want to know if he/she loves you the same?

Do you think there’s another man or woman who could compete with you?

Don’t worry, here’s how to tell if your boyfriend/partner loves you.

How to know when a man loves you

Signs your Boyfriend Loves you more than you love him

These are some of the signs your boyfriend loves you so much.

He doesn’t keep secrets from you
He always listens to you
He always wants you close to him
He professes his love for you publicly
He doesn’t force you to do anything
He’s always there for you
He can share his PC, phones, and passwords with you

He doesn’t keep secrets from you

If your boyfriend loves you but is hiding it, he shouldn’t keep other things from you a secret.

A loving partner shares his worries and happiness with you and has no secrets from you.

This is proof that he not only loves you as a partner but also values you – there is no better basis for a happy relationship.

Ask him what the name of the first woman he was in love with was and what his first kiss felt like!

If he loves you, he will share this story with you, and others you did not ask him.


He always listens to you

One of the signs that he loves you without saying it is that he’s always ready to listen to you.

If your boyfriend loves you more than anything, he will surely listen to both things that get you worried or excited.

He will also listen to you patiently and always let you finish before he will give you advice.

He will also want to contribute positively to your life.


He always wants you close to him

Another way to test your boyfriend’s love for you is to try to get him close to you every time, especially in the public.

Be it personal, business, or family affairs, if your boyfriend loves you more than anything, he doesn’t act like a tough guy to you.

When you’re a companion to him, he wants you around him all the time to share his joy and grief with you.

This also proves that the relationship is worth a lot to him and he has trust in you.


He professes his love for you publicly

If your boyfriend loves you more than you love him, then, he will always want to make people know he’s deeply in love with you.

He would even express his feelings for you in a public place. In addition, he treats you in the public like at home.


He doesn’t force you to do anything

A man who loves you can show it when he’s making love to you but would never force you to do something that you do not want to do.

Respect is important in a relationship, and if he loves you, he will respect your opinion even when you’re not right.

He always gives you enough freedom so that you can develop your own opinions and interests.


He’s always there for you

One of the ways to know that your boyfriend loves you even if you’re in a long-distance relationship is that he’s always there for you.

He gives you physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial support.

When you are worried or sick, your boyfriend is always there for you and tries to help you.

Another important sign that he loves you is that he asks you in the morning how you slept and in the evening before you go to bed about your day.


He can share his PC, phones, and passwords with you

If your boyfriend loves you deeply, he will be able to share his phone or home PC with you.

He has no problem sharing his passcode with you, even for his debit and credit cards or personal email account.

If however, he does not share his password or devices with you, he will not be afraid when you go near his gadgets and will also share his private life with you unless it’s business-related and very sensitive like in law.

2 thoughts on “How to Know your Boyfriend Really Loves you

  1. What if he doesn’t give you his password but he shares some secret with you.
    A partner that always wants things done your way does it mean he likes you?

  2. Thank you @Emmanuella, as long as you’re not married yet, your bf may decide to keep his passcode, and you can be happy that he shares some secrets with you.

    Some people’s smartphones are more than just cell phones to them, they keep confidential information that may not be important for intimate friends like you to have access to.

    If your boyfriend wants things to be done in your way always, that’s a green light that you’re precious to him and he does not want to displease you.

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