Things you should know about kisses

When a boy or girl gets to the adolescent stage, the sense of love gets stronger and the urge to kiss and hug the one you love for the first time gets intensed.

While kissing is fun, there are scientific and psychological facts about kissing that are interesting to know.

For example, if you kiss a matured male or girl for more than 30 seconds, then he/she is likely to get aroused.

There are more than 14 strange facts about kissing and hugging, and in today’s blog, we want to talk about some of these things to about it.


14 Strange and Shocking Facts about Kissing

The scientific study of kissing is Philematology, and here are some facts worth knowing about kissing and how healthy it is for everyone.

Things you should know about kisses

The World’s Longest Kiss

A couple from Thailand set a world kiss record with an uninterrupted kiss that lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Another weird fact about kissing was set in England and Mexico City, according to the Guinness Book.

In 2009, about 39,897 persons kissed at the same time in Mexico, in England.

in 2007, 32,648 people kissed at the same time also in the same country.


Kissing Makes you Happy

One of the benefits of kiss is that it spikes your dopamine and oxytocin, the happy and love hormones respectively.

Kissing makes you feel good and happy because billions of nerve cells are stimulated while kissing.

Also, your adrenaline and insulin production are boosted and happiness hormones are released.

According to some studies, those who kiss a lot also perform better at work.

In addition, kissing makes you feel relaxed,release pent-up emotions, because the production of the stress hormone cortisol is reduced.

Kissing also serves as protection against pain, the reason for this being the release of the hormones adrenaline and dopamine.


Who are the Best Kissers?

According to kissing statistics, the French and Italians understand how to kiss perfectly than others, and therefore considered to be the best kissers in the world.


Kissing is Fun and Healthy

Another benefit and scientific fact about kissing is that it strengthens the body immune system.

To avail the benefits of kissing, it should last for at least 10 seconds.

Kissing with your tongue (deep kissing) is important in this regard since it increases the saliva in your mouth, the substances in it that fights bacteria, virus and fungi can be exchanged, thus strengthening the immune system.


Kisses are Good for your Heart

While lip kissing, the pulse increases and the blood pressure rises to about 180, especially in male, hence the heartbeat increases and blood circulation is improved.

Since the blood flow is stimulated, the oxygen supply in the body also increases.

As the circulation is strengthened, heart diseases can be prevented, among other things.


Kissing is Good for healthy Teeth

One of the health benefits of Kissing regularly is to create antimicrobial enzymes in your saliva that protect your teeth from tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Deep kissing also keeps your teeth, gum and mouth healthy since you produce more saliva, and it contains antibacteria.

The saliva also cleanse food debris from the teeth and can prevent tooth cavities.

However, kissing is not the same as brushing your teeth but sharing toothbrush is the same as kissing from health perspective.


Higher Life expectancy

Another weird fact about kissing is that it helps to improve life expectancy by up to 5 years.

On average, everyone kisses around 100,000 times in their life.


Kissing enhances your Beauty

One stange fact about kissing is that it can improve your facial beauty.

Up to 60 facial muscles can be exercised with regular passionate kiss.

Facial contours are corrected with regular deep kisses, thus, kissing is a natural anti-aging agent.

Kissing is fun, healthy, keeps you young, and is a wonderful activity.


There are different Reasons we Kiss

The reason why people kiss can hardly be more different between a man and a woman.

Men mainly kiss to end up in bed. Women, on the other hand, kiss to instinctively check that the relationship is okay or to build trust.

Researchers note that the two sexes have different strategies when it comes to kissing.

Put simply, men only kiss to end up in bed. Women, however, use the kiss for intimacy or affection.

In the beginning, this will help them choose the right partner. But even during the relationship, kissing unconsciously provides them with important information – about the man’s loyalty, for example.


Kiss and Weight control

Another scientific fact about kissing is that you can burn calories by kissing.

A passionate kiss lasting at least 1 minute burns about 15 calories, and if you kiss passionately for ten minutes, can you burn as many calories as a jogger at 100 meters.


Other facts about Kissing

  • When kissing, two-thirds of kissers tilt their heads to the right.
  • The nerves on our lips are a 100 times more sensitive than those on the tips of our fingers. That is also the reason why kissing is so interestingand loving.
  • 97% of women kiss with their eyes closed, but only a third of men.
  • Kissing in public is prohibited in Indonesia.
  • In the 1980s, a kiss lasted an average of 5.5 seconds. Today the kissing time has about doubled.
  • Pressing the lips together creates a pressure of around 15 kilograms.