How to edge and have multiple orgasm

What is a Male Orgasm?

Men usually experience orgasm when sexual stimulation occurs, and this happens when contractions of penile muscles occur which make the nerves responsible for the contractions to send impulses of pleasure to the brain.

The male orgasm itself is the peak of sexual stimulation or arousal when the penile muscles that have contracted finally relax.

The testicles are also stimulated in such a way that they’re raised to push the semen into the urethra for ejaculation to occur.

While a male can reach climax without releasing semen, orgasm in men is often accompanied by ejaculation. Orgasm is also accompanied by headaches in some men too.


Men Multiple Orgasm

Women are fond of having multiple orgasms from different erogenous spots in the body, however, for men, multiple orgasms is not common.

An average man lasts between 5 to 7 minutes in bed, and once ejaculation takes place, the penis becomes flaccid, and the libido drastically goes down.

However, some men can still reach orgasm, release semen, maintain erection, and reach climax again multiple times.

You can find more facts and interesting things about orgasms in this blog post.

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But to have the best male multiple orgasms, you need to work on delaying ejaculation by practicing the kegel exercise and being able to control the contractions of the penile muscles.

Men’s multiple orgasms can be easily achieved when you can maintain penile muscle contraction, slow down, and relaxes your testicles to prevent ejaculation and continue again.

How to edge and have multiple orgasm

Men can experience Orgasm repeatedly and easily

For a man to experience orgasm repeatedly, he should be able to initiate erection quickly and maintain it for a reasonable length of time.

This is because a man’s orgasm is linked to the ejaculation of sperm at the same time.

But the male orgasm and the ejaculation are – from a physiological point of view – two processes that do not have to be directly connected.

A man can experience an orgasm but does not have to ejaculate at the same time.

Anyone who masters this technique experiences multiple orgasms, and this is known as edging.

Edging simply means male orgasm denial. It is when you manage not to ejaculate while having sexual intercourse to maintain an erection and last longer in bed.

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Men can also experience orgasm and ejaculation, and repeat the same process again and again in one sex bout.


How men can Experience Orgasm repeatedly?


  • Understand the body anatomy

The trick is to stop the sex before ejaculating. Timing plays an essential role in this.

The man should get to know his body and try to control his ejaculation or practice reaching climax many times.

Once you know you’re about to get to the height of the pleasure, relax and thrust slowly or withdraw the penis completely.


  • Dont plan sex beforehand

Planning sex with your partner can intensify the urge to climax quickly, therefore, don’t get the chemistry of your body in line.

Getting much aroused before penetration can easily make you reach climax and cum without being able to control it.


  • Foreplay should be on a low level

If your body is stimulated during foreplay, your brain might be congested with love impulses already, and penetrating your partner can make you go weird.

Men that are much stimulated during foreplay are likely to bang hard during sex and cum quickly, and in this case, you may experience slight pain in your penile muscle, and gaining back erection can be a bit difficult.

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  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Another tactic is to pull down your testes. Before you ejaculate, you can gently pull down your testes with a hand or clamp them between your legs.

It looks more elegant (especially if you are in love play) when the testes are raised or lowered by the pelvic floor muscles.

You should also practice the kegel exercise – contract and relax the penile tissues by holding urine in your urethra, and release and hold again repeatedly when you urinate.

This exercise or practice helps you to close your urethra and prevent early ejaculation.


  • Communication

Communication is very important while having sexual intercourse with your partner.

Your partner can help you to reduce the stimulation when you’re about to ejaculate if you communicate properly, and she also wants you to last longer.

Your partner can help lower the penetration by changing the body position when you’re already climaxing and trying to edge.