Different types of couple relationships

How couples treat each other tells a lot about the type of relationship they’re into.

There are 4 types of relationships – family relationship, friendship, acquaintanceship,  and romantic relationship.

For couples, they are into a romantic relationship but not all couples are happy together and in a romantic relationship.

Have you ever thought about the kind of love relationship you have with your couple?

  • Is harmony particularly important to you, or do you engage in an argument?
  • Does your passion or friendship rule?
  • What does love mean to you?
  • In short, what makes you stick together as a couple?

Different studies have shown that these kinds of questions in your relationship reveal a lot about your chances of becoming happy with each other for a long period or not.

Different types of couple relationships

Types of Couples Relationships

There are different types of couples or couple relationships. Different family counselors have also identified different categories of couples’ relationships from different perspectives.

Some experts grouped couples according to their behavior and tolerance such as conflict avoiders, volatile couples, validating couples, hostile couples, hostile-detached couples.

Couples’ behaviors can also be grouped as the competitive or controlling, active or passive partner, aggressive or accommodating partner, disconnected or parallel lives, accepting or balanced.

However, there are 4 types of couples relationships, not judging from behavior only.

Near/Distant couple

In this couple relationship, a partner is not always around, therefore, there’s always a swing in their emotions towards each other.

Sometimes, the partners feel like they are drawn to each other but also need a distance from each other again.

They often make decisions based on negative experiences or assessments of the relationship.

At the beginning of a new relationship, such couples take great care to spend time apart from each other.

They emphasize their individuality in a way that is rather unusual for people who have just fallen in love.


Love/Hate couples

This type of couple is characterized by their passionate feelings, which could also be described as love-hate relationships.

They neither want to always be together nor far from each other.

They like to make up with sex but the constant arguments harm relationship satisfaction.

They tend to go into arguments frequently and repeatedly but also resolve their issues in a short time.

They have a deep love for each other, but always have different opinions on issues affecting them.


Social couples

It is typical of this type of couple that they are very socially involved.

The partners share a circle of friends and exchange ideas closely with their friends, including on relationship issues.

This is good for happiness in love – If you have mutual friends, you feel closer and more connected as a couple.


The two-person couple

It is characteristic of the two couples to make decisions in their relationship.

The partners respect each other and consider what is important to the other partner.

The relationship is the top priority as the couples care very much about things that affect them collectively.

They trust each other and are committed to their relationship better.


Which Couples Have The Best Chances of lasting long?

Out of these four types of couples’ relationships, the two-person couple’s relationship has the best chance of lasting love happiness.

The couples most at risk of separation are those who are linked in love-hate relationships.

According to studies, the risk of their love failing is twice as high as that of the other couples.

The near/distant couples and the socially integrated are neither the best nor the worst.

The latter are often more stable than the former, although couples who often quarrel do not necessarily break up.

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