things a woman or man should never do in a relationship

There are many things you should avoid as a guy or babe in a romantic relationship.

And if you’re in for a long-lasting love relationship with your partner, there are some things you should never tolerate from the beginning of a relationship so they don’t become problems for you later.

For many people in a romantic relationship, a fulfilling a sex life is the most important thing for them.

When you’ve just started a romantic relationship, it feels like you’re intoxicated, especially if it takes a while before you finally agree to be together.


Things that can Kill Sexual Feelings

Arguing, and abusive words are not good in a healthy relationship, we’ve already covered some of the things you should never say to your partner or joke about here.

Today, it’s about characters, behaviors, and personalities that can affect sexual feelings or sex negatively.

But let’s be honest, between us, we are human. 1 or 2 of these can happen when it comes to sex.

things a woman or man should never do in a relationship


You should not engage your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife in sexual activities when the other is stressed up.

Understand that the sex duration is not the most important thing, but satisfying sexual experience.

Requesting sex in stressful situations or trying to please your partner when you’re stressed is not healthy in a romantic relationship.

Our body makes it clear to us that nothing works with her or with him.

If you or your partner is worried, grieved, and depressed, a sexual experience that’s supposed to make you or your partner feel good can turn to another thing or the sex may not be satisfying.

Being sexually active at all times, or trying to please your sexual desire always will hurt the emotional life of both partners.


Smells can Turn On and Off

If your partner is heavy on perfumes, and the fragrance is overly circulated in the room, it can hinder the natural feeling of nature, and thus affect libido in some people.

A subtle odor is completely ok, and you can also dance to the tune of your love partner when it comes to the choice of perfume you want to be using.

If you or your partner has body odor, then, it should be managed properly. You can consult a dermatologist for help.

As much as good smells can affect some people, so also body odor, too much sweat, and similar inconveniences have no place in lovemaking.

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Too much Dirty Talks

Many like dirty talk, yeah, I do like it personally. It’s a way of turning on your partner and boosting your ego.

There is nothing wrong with it absolutely because verbal eroticism spices up every sex adventure.

However, you should be careful with dirty talks that hurt your partner’s sexual feelings.

If you must engage in dirty talks, you should be creative and avoid stereotyping or saying something all the time.

Some partners are shy and do not want too much dirty talk while communicating.

Dirty talks don’t get some ladies hot, so you should understand what turns on your partner, and act accordingly.


Trying out Sexual acts in Porn Videos

Watching porn videos has more disadvantages than benefits. Firstly, half of what you watch on most porn sites is not real, there’s much editing underground.

Even if it looks authentic in porn movies, some sexual acts are not necessarily worth trying with your partner.

Watching porn videos can affect your mental health, make you feel like you’re not man enough or your partner is not woman enough.

For example, deepthroat or crazy anal eroticism may be very tingling for porn stars in the video, but it’s not good for a down-to-earth couple relationship.


Just Please Yourself

There is nothing worse than partners who accept everything during sex without reaction.

Most women tolerate some sexual acts they’re not pleased with because they just want the husband or boyfriend to be pleased.

In doing so, they do not give any expression whether they like it or not. In the long run, this can be quite exhausting for active sexual acts, whereas, sex should be fun for both partners.


Stupid Saying and Comparison

“Well, did I perform well?” You can’t impress a woman with such showiness.

It’s better if you ask this while in the sexual act, communication during sex can keep the fire burning.

However your partner performs, you should never compare him/her to your ex or anyone else unless you want to blow his/her trumpet.

Yeah, saying how good your partner is can be pleasing. While women may feel shy about this, they feel great deep down in their hearts.


Too many Expectations

Too many expectations often make one feel disappointed irrespective of the outcome. In sex, you should not expect much from your partner.

How you engage in sexual acts at the beginning of a romantic relationship may not be the same after you’ve got to know each other more.

Also, we do not have the same preferences in all sexual engagements. You may want it weird now, and your partner just wants it simple or vice versa.



Lots of people have sex with each other even though they dislike some of the practices, that’s not fulfilling.

We’ve been able to discuss some of the things women or men should never do in their relationships.

If you want a healthier love relationship, build one, don’t wish for it.