how to fix on-and-off relationship

It is normal for soulmates to break up and get back together in a short time, sometimes, after months or in extreme cases, years later.

Constant disagreement is often the cause, and even couples often fight over nothing at home.

If you are in and out of a romantic relationship with your partner, you’re often faced with the problem of whether to stay or fall out of the relationship, most especially if you’re in an on-and-off relationship with a narcissist.

how to fix on-and-off relationship

What is the On-again, Off-again Relationship about?

It is not common to see lovers in a romantic relationship stick together in love and harmony for a long period without conflict or separation.

Most couples have once experienced a back-and-forth relationship once in their love life.

Sometimes, one of the partners needs a little break to attend to his/her personal life. From there, sometimes, issues come up, and the withdrawal is more pronounced, it’s called a minor break up.

Is that already an on-and-off relationship? Of course Not

Withdrawing yourself to think about your feelings and wishes for the relationship is not only normal but also important.

This withdrawal can even make you feel better about each other, and understand your values.

On-again, off-again is usually caused by conflicts and when you fail to address your differences, the relationship may not after work after several break-ups.


How long does it take to get over an On-and-Off Relationship

On-and-off is a sign of a toxic relationship, in which the triggers should be addressed ASAP.

While a minor breakup can enhance your stability in a relationship, frequent on and off can make your relationship not work out eventually.

Even when you get back together again, it may not be appreciated by both parties since you don’t know how soon another breakup is coming.

One of you may even find another lover during the break and just fall out of the relationship.

How to know when an on-and-off relationship is over can be very difficult since most partners that find another love outside an on-and-off relationship will just keep the old relationship with less commitment.

Also, in a breakup, you feel the pain but recover later. But in an on-again, off-again relationship, you feel the pain continually and recovery is difficult, you’re also tied in love and your heart is not open to a new relationship.


Breaking up or Fighting to stabilize your Relationship?

Most partners prefer to either break up with their on-and-off partner or fight to get him/her straight in the relationship because.

If you so much believe in your partner, you can fight it and address the issues that affect the stability.

However, in other situations, a breakup is the only option in the long run.

For a relationship to work, both parties must be willing to work on it equally.

When one is trying to make it up with the other but he/she is not ready to effect changes, you may need to break up.

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