How to manage you good or bad ex

Most times, people break up their relationships out of emotions, and without reasonable reasons.

You need to plan a breakup well if you’ll have to so you don’t feel bad after a breakup.

It’s funny sometimes seeing your ex wanting you again, contacting you frequently, and not leaving you after a breakup.

Sometimes, your ex thought about the time you’ve spent together and you felt bad that he/she has dumped you.


Reasons your ex won’t let go

That your ex is still contacting you or wanting to see you again is of two sides – regret or pity.

If your lover had dumped you, he/she may feel bad about the disappointment and want to make sure you don’t feel depressed so much.

Not letting you go may also be a result of not finding a better relationship, either when the lover has dumped you or you had dumped him/her.

How to manage you good or bad ex

How to Deal with you Ex

There are different ways to treat your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that dumped you or you break up with.

It’s either you want to deal with your ex-lover who wouldn’t let you go and want to have you again or make him/her regret taking you for granted.

If you or your partner is still in love after a breakup, one of you may want to reconcile and heal the broken heart.

If you’re not interested in dating your ex again, especially when you’ve found a new lover, then, take the bold step and unfriend or unfollow the partner on all social media.

Block his/her contact on your phone. You can even delete your contact from his or her device before you finally separate.

Delete or scrap any picture of your partner in your custody or return them before you finally separate, it’s difficult but you should do it with sincerity.


Breakups are not always the same

There are different reasons lovers break up in a relationship, and these reasons could impact how you deal with a breakup and your separation.

If a lover breaks up because he/she could not take the distance between you anymore, you may not want to close the relationship completely.

You may get reconnected if one gets a new job closer to the other partner’s location.

In another way, if your ex had broken up because he/she has found a better lover, you shouldn’t even get involved in an attempt to get back to him/her.


How to deal with your ex that dumped you

If your boyfriend (girlfriend) has jilted you and feels bad about it, the best way to deal with such an ex is to heal up your heart and accommodate a new partner.

There’s no better way to deal with such an ex than to be in love again.

Then, start a showoff of how crazy you’re with the new lover and make him/her jealous.

Change your wardrobe, go out and take photoshoots in new dresses. Let the new changes take effect so your ex can realize you’ve indeed moved on, and are now better with him/her.

Don’t be extravagant in spending because you want to impress your ex, rather try and work better, earn better and bring about changes to yourself.

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