How do i use personal massager

A romantic relationship is only romantic because of the intimacy you both enjoy. Most couples, want their partner when they’re needed to relieve them of stress and boredom and drive their spirit.

It’s a fact that many couples do not enjoy intimacy regularly because of careers, and other responsibilities, hence the popularity of sex tools to bridge the gap.

Vibrators or couples massagers are often used to enhance intimacy. It’s a personal toy woman can wear, insert the tiny end into the vaginal while the other end is outside, on the body.

Intimina Kalia Couples Massager

Intimina Kalia Couples Massager is a small curved sex toy that’s designed for female couples to wear during sex.

This simple vibrator is developed by LELO, a division of LELOi AB, a popular designer brand already known for developing intimate lifestyle products, bedroom accessories, and products that enhance sexual health.

The intima Kalia couples massager is made with high-quality materials that are toxin, BPA, or phthalates free.

It is coated with soft, flexible silicone to give women that natural sexual feeling and keep their bodies safe.

It is easy to wear, comfortable for women, and brings pleasure to both couples while copulating.

How do i use personal massager

Features of Intimina Kalia Couples Massager

  • This product is made of ABS plastic and coated with flexible silicon approved by the US FDA.
  • Intimina Kalia couples massager is resistant to dirt and germs.
  • Intimina Kalia couples massager is submersible, water-proof, can be used while in water, and cleaned easily.
  • It offers 6 quiet vibration modes to enjoy the different rhythms of stimulation and pleasure, and you can control this with just a push of a button.
  • The tiny insertable tail can be seated comfortably in the vagina while it offers comfort for both partners.
  • It has about 2 hrs of runtime and can be recharged via a USB port.


​How to Use ​​Intimina Kalia Couples Massager for More Pleasure

Intimina Kalia couples massager is simple to use to explore better intimacy with your partner and enjoy a more fulfilling love relationship.

Kalia personal massage is not only used to stimulate your body and that of your partner, but it can also help to relieve stress and enhance relaxation.

If you’ve just bought an Intimina massager, charge it for 30 minutes before use.

When you want to use it, wear it and insert the flexible end in your vagina, (and switch it on) while the other end around your body vibrates you and your partner during sexual intercourse and provides amazing sexual sensations to them.

Kalia Massager couples will allow you to change the vibration modes and intensity to discover the best pleasure in every relationship.

You can thus increase and decrease the stimulation by changing the vibration mode with a touch of a button while in action.

You should clean your massager before and after use with intimina cleaner or any other quality products specifically made to clean sex toys and return it to its case after each use.

Proper care of the Intimina Kalia couples massager will keep it from bacteria and prevent infection to the users.



Kalia Intimina couples vibrator is a subtly designed massager for women to increase their stimulation during sexual intercourse and their love relationships.

This massager is safe to use, lined with soft silicone, and brings internal and external stimulation to couples at the same time.

It is a perfect bedroom accessory to enjoy a new dimension of sexual experience together.