Why Make-up may be good or bad to your relationship

One of the effective ways couples settle their break up or disputes is by having sex.

This is often referred to as make-up sex or reconciliation sex.

While regular sex helps to enhance and maintain the love bond in a romantic relationship, whether it’s a good or bad idea to settle issues with sex leaves is another problem for lovers.

Make-up sex is always damn hot because it’s just like you’re renewing your love and commitment.

It’s also a way to release the pent-up emotions, get over the arguments or conflicts, and refresh yourselves.

Why Make-up may be good or bad to your relationship

Is Make-up Sex a good idea or Not?

A friend sex therapist, Jumtuns advised couples or lovers who care about their relationship not to encourage make-up sex in their romantic relationship.

Make-up sex isn’t the best way to resolve an issue between you and your partner because problems are best solved and not pushed away.

Make-up sex in a romantic relationship can be likened to taking alcohol to get over your worries, the problems are not solved but forgotten for a while.

In a study by ElitePartner, 90% of lovers asked said that harmony in the relationship was particularly important to them.

80% also state that fulfilling a sex life is important to them. This is one of the reasons why many people find it obvious to combine the two.

Some couples feel that there is nothing wrong with getting into each other’s arms after a disagreement.

Reconciliation sex not only feels good, but it also calms the mind and brings love back into their relationships.

However, if you have not completely resolved your issue, you should keep your hands off each other in my opinion.

The reconciliation sex may be able to blow away the negative feelings and restore love but the real problem will still be there, so instead of covering it up with sex, settle it.

Once you’ve gotten to the root of the issue, you’ll be able to have more romantic moments together.


Some Benefits of Reconciliation Sex

It can be explained biologically the reasons reconciliation sex helps rebalancing couples, sex is particularly sensual.

Love and good sex are important to many people and help in building harmony in a relationship.

During an argument between partners, tempers boil, and the stress level in the body increases.

Strictly speaking, hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and testosterone are released. As a result, our heart beats faster, and breathing changes.

Reconciliation sex can help to lessen the anger and cause a shift from negative emotions to happiness.

Above all, the hormone oxytocin is released after orgasm, which makes you cozy and gentle and supports the bond with your partner.



Make-up sex feels damn good and makes the sparks fly in your relationship.

While some issues can be easily resolved with make-up sex to reaffirm your commitment, it’s not always an effective strategy to strike a balance in a love relationship.

Also, if you treat each other in a hurtful, derogatory, and disrespectful manner, the drive may be lost.

Overall, make sure you’ve settled your issues before thinking of reconciliation sex, it should rather be seen as a tool to start again your love rather than correcting your wrongs.

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