How to stop thinking about the past

Depressed about past mistakes? Past mistakes can haunt you and cause anxiety, and it may be very difficult to forget your memories permanently.

However, letting go of your past mistakes and guilt, bad memories in a relationship, and something that bothers you is very important to your mental health, efficiency, and productivity in life.

You just need to stop bad memories from popping up, stop dwelling on the past, and start moving forward with your life.


How to Get Rid of your Dark Past?

It’s important to understand that you can not erase your bad memories, a memory of someone, or an event and keep the good ones.

However, the following tips would help you to remove bad memories from your subconscious mind, and trauma.

How to stop thinking about the past

Accept your past with a good heart

Many things happen and we don’t have any control over them.

Even if you could help prevent the bad occurrence and you failed, it’s important to understand that things are bound to happen, that’s the beauty of life.

Also, you don’t need to play the blame game and start pointing fingers, just accept it, and this will help you get over past relationship trauma.

There are bad things that happen to us that we don’t deserve, but also, we get good results that we don’t deserve sometimes.


Take Lessons from Every Event of Life

To forget the past, especially in romantic relationships, and move on with your life, you need to accept every painful experience as a lesson.

It’s necessary to forgive yourself for things that are unforgivable or terrible, even when you’re not guilty.

Studies have revealed that we learn more from our failures than our successes, and the more lessons we learn from past failures, the better we can achieve success.

When you don’t take your lessons and move on, then, the past can destroy your current relationship when you can’t stay focused on your present life.


Let out your Mind

To stop thinking about your past relationship or any bad memory, express yourself to the person that hurt you, and if you’re guilty, make an apology asap.

Not everyone can make such confrontations, but people can heal faster from emotional scars from bad experiences.

However, find solace in trusted friends and family by sharing your pain with them.

Make sure you talk to people that can help you emotionally, not people that will spike the hanger in you.

You can also pen your negative experience in your journal. Writing down something that bothers you a lot works in dwelling on them.


Disconnect yourself from bad memories

Thinking about your past is a sign of depression, and if you still relive your past so much, maybe you have terrible memories, and you need to carry out emotional cleansing.

You should disconnect yourself from the painful memories. Take away from you anything that can make you replay the memories in your head.

Disconnect yourself from people, things, and places that can relive negative memories.

Also, avoid going to places that can make you remember past bad memories.

Stop thinking about the past and focus on the future.


Distract yourself for a while

It’s not easy to let go of past relationship trauma and disconnect yourself, especially when you still love them.

Also in life, you may find it hard to disconnect from bad memories of things you love, and people you’re loyal to, and when you have things that can make you remember bad memories around you.

While you disconnect yourself, you should also distract yourself with new lovely experiences.

Take new tasks, it may be routine activities, play games, attend events, and spend more time with people so you can stop ruminating about the past.

When you stop being lonely in thoughts, you can easily stop obsessing over your past.


Create fresh interesting memories

Making new memories is the best antidote to suppressing your ugly experiences in the past.

While painful experiences fade off with time, you can easily replace them by associating with people and things that make you happy.

You can also practice mindfulness by consciously interrupting terrible memory that crawls into your mind, and focusing on other things or recalling good memories to suppress the negative ones.


Talk to your doctor

If you can not forget something disturbing, you may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Your doctor can offer treatments or therapy to help ‘erase’ bad memories from your brain.

You may be placed on antibiotics like D-cycloserine to reduce brain response to unwanted memories.

Propranolol is also a drug that could help from getting depressed about your past mistakes.