10 interesting and exciting facts about penis

The human body is one of the wonders of nature, particularly the human penis.

A few months ago, we talked about interesting facts about the human vagina, the human penis is also wonderfully made, and there are interesting things to learn about this tissue.


Erection within 3 seconds

It is a well-known fact that sexual intercourse can only be possible when the penis is erected.

It has been proven that it is theoretically possible for a man to get an erection within 3 seconds.

Of course, various factors play a role here. However, if the desire to have sex is high and you’re well-stimulated, the penis can get ready for use within a few seconds.

10 interesting and exciting facts about penis

How long can the average man stay erect?

According to studies, the average erection time during sex is only 5 to 10 minutes before the man’s orgasm.

If he doesn’t master any special techniques, the penis is soon no longer erect, but rather flaccid.

If you experience a sudden loss of erection, you should consult your doctor since there are different reasons for a man to not have an erection.

And if your erection goes away so fast, it may be the onset of erection problems since an average man can maintain an erection for 5 minutes during sexual intercourse.

Erection can take time to be initiated in old men, and the penis goes flaccid within a short period.


Frequency of an erection

How often does the penis become erect per day?

Age plays a decisive role in erection, but the human person erects about 11 times a day.

In addition, there are about 5 more erections during the night, whereby the last erection can even extend into the phase of waking up in the morning.

Early morning erection is a sign of a healthy penis, and this method is used on babies to confirm their penises are healthy.


Sensitive penis

It is well known that innumerable nerves run through the female vagina.

In contrast to the total of 8,000 nerve endings, the incredibly intense orgasms of women would not be possible either.

But the penis is also surprised with a large number of nerves. Around 4000 nerve ends are located in the man’s limb.


Penile fracture

Tunica albuginea which is commonly known as the penile fracture is one of the damages that may occur to the penis.

However, the penis has no bone so nothing breaks but the penile tissues can rupture.

The tunica albuginea tissue makes the penis erect by filling it with blood. However, this is only possible if the penis is aroused.

For example, if the penis kinks too suddenly during sex, the risk of a “penis fracture” is high.


Incredible record

Every man is proud of his erect penis. He interprets this as a sign of great masculinity and strength.

But how strong is a penis, what weight can an erect penis hold? Incredible, but true: the record is 120 kg that an erect penis could lift.

The record holder in 1995 was Mo Ka Wang from the then-still British Crown Colony of Hong Kong.


Fear of an erect penis

Women may be afraid of this or erect penises in general. There is a special name for this fear.

People who are afraid of an erect penis suffer from what is known as phallophobia.

This fear may be particularly common in France. Because according to studies and measurements, men have the longest penis there – in the erect state, of course.

It is up to 16 cm that the link then measures. In German-speaking areas, for example, women can look forward to “only” 14.5 cm on average.


Myth: Penis and Nose

Regarding the size of a penis, an old myth must be dispelled at this point, which could not be scientifically confirmed: You can recognize his Johannes on a man’s nose. Most men and women probably know this.


The speed of semen

Both men and women ask themselves from time to time how quickly the semen shoots out of the penis.

The maximum speed at which the sperm leaves the penis when a man reaches climax is 50 km/h.


Amount of semen

How much sperm do you think a man will produce in the course of his life?

According to studies, a man could produce at least 30 liters of semen in his entire life, but a maximum of around 50 liters.

Of course, these values ​​vary depending on the state of health, lifestyle, heredity, and sexual activity.

I ist important to know that releasing semen does not make you lose weight as you mightthinkt.