How to keep your baby warm in winter

What is a Winter Baby?

Babies that are given birth in the winter are referred to as winter babies. As with the summer babies, nursing moms should also care for their babies and consider a few things when it comes to clothing, weather, and other stuff.

Right from the hospital, you should dress up your newborn and protect his/her face, chest, hands, and feet from cold.

In winter, it can be really cold, and sometimes, it can be sunny for a few days. This can take a toll on your baby’s skin, and even the mother.


How to Keep Baby Warm in Winter

In principle, fresh air can never hurt your baby but there are other things that can get your little one uncomfortable.

You should avoid walking outside when the temperature is below 20 degree if your baby is less than 3 months.

Also, in foggy weather, there are many pollutants and exhaust gases near the ground and can affect your baby, so you should stay indoors or go out with your baby in a car.

The importance of keeping the baby warm in winter is to prevent cold, catarrh, runny nose, and other illnesses.

It’s the instinct of every new mother to clothe their baby to keep him warm as much as possible, and in winter, this care can only be heightened.

Protection from the cold is good, but you should still observe a few tips so that the winter baby gets through the first experience of the winter season healthy and happy.

How to keep your baby warm in winter

Baby Dressing in Winter

Either you baby is kept indoor, you’re going out with a car or already outside there, dresses should neither be too little or too much.

You should make sure you dress your baby in soft fabrics, the chest is well protected, the ear, arms and legs are covered well to protect your baby from cold.

Newborns can not control temperature on their own, and with wind chills below 20°F, your baby can start reacting badly to cold.

Ideally, clothing for your baby should be made of natural, light and soft fabrics.

If you’re leaving in a cold apartment, possibly with many windows, or a room directly under a roof, keeping your baby warm at night is very essential since it would be colder at night than in the day.


Winter Babies and Sleep at Night

Just like adults, babies prefer to sleep in a cool (not cold) room than in a hot room.

Dry air is usually bad for the airways and prevents your baby from having a healthy and deep sleep.

A baby room temperature between 16 and 18 degrees should be okay, but you can regulate the room and make it less to see how the baby responds to the temperature..

The baby is more likely to shake her body when it’s too cold, but not always when it’s too warm.

You can preheat the crib few minutes before laying down your baby at night.

While you put light clothes on your baby at night, you should wear socks on their feet and gloves on their hands if necessary.

You should also ensure the bed has enough cushion and possibly help with a sleeping bag.


Is your baby too warm?

If your baby is uncomfortable with how he’s dressed by you, he will of course react to that with cry.

Nevertheless, there is a way to test whether the baby is too cold or too warm – You should out your hand on his neck.

If your baby’s neck is cold, then you need to add more clothes or change his clothes as needed.

If he’s sweating when touched at the neck, then you need not be told that you should remove some of his clothes.

In both conditions, you can regulate the room temperature accordingly without removing or adding to his clothes.

Your baby’s hands and feet do not speak much about your baby’s temperature or the state of health since their circulatory system has not been fully developed.

To save the stress of this manual approach, you can get a baby’s thermometer to check the temperature of your baby – this is better.